INTRO: A Very Special WELCOME to All, including Fellow Christians and Fellow Seniors! This web site has been especially prepared (and frequently updated) to help us all wade through Phase 1 of Life with vital and needed emergency & health tips & resources we really all need to know about. Even more and very Vital information is also presented to assist us all in obtaining the Good side of Life's Phase 2 (in case you haven't pursued it already). This can assure our personal name is fully recorded in the Lamb’s Book of Eternal Life with permanent ink! So, please read on...

QUESTION #1: Are you fully ready and prepared (while here in the Phase 1 Boot Camp of Life) for unexpected factors, such as power outages, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, economic turmoil, food shortages, pestilences and even wars, etc.? The Bible warns of such turbulent times as these are to be expected and even grow in frequency and intensity (per Matthew 24:4 and others). It is our goal to convince you to be prepared for safety and survival, and point you toward some essential emergency and health tips and resources. Note: we are not distributors, and we do not stock for resale any of the items mentioned. Rather, we are attempting to save you some valuable time and effort, by pointing you toward some trusted suppliers we have found and looked into, as well as various emergency and health actions we all need to be aware of. Indeed, it would be wise for all of us to at least keep some degree of emergency supplies on hand, regardless of where obtained. This would especially involve food and water for ourselves, family and even others that have not heeded any warnings. Keep in mind the Bible does say "A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences." Proverbs 22:3 (TLB). We feel the Boy Scout "Be Prepared" motto still stands as applicable common sense too. Our various Churches will hopefully be able to stock some supplies for their congregations and and/or encourage their membership to do so individually. We suggest you read this main Home page Intro article, and then proceed with review of the major Tabs of Food, Water, Power, Communications and Health, any of which offer what we feel you'll find as helpful and worth knowing. The Health tab article involves a Simplified 7-Step Shortcut Nutrition Guide as example, especially aimed at cancer prevention and recovery. Note: The font (type) size may be magnified on any article via your computer if larger print size desired for easier viewing. You can of course print out any article as well, per Print icon at upper right of the article itself. The Downloads Tab on upper right of our web pages, when selected, will display various subject Folders containing short and to-the-point articles in a pdf downloadable format. Just click on any subject Folder to display Titles of the available free articles. Then select any article wanted by simply clicking that article associated Download button to bring the article into your computer for quick viewing. Note: Our articles were especially selected for their valuable content from knowledgeable sources, with our added PS Notes (if any) for referral to appropriate web sites, etc. The two Health Tips folders in particular have a number of articles encompassing different health issues, including cancer related matters, etc. We hope you will especially share any of these articles with others that might benefit from them.

QUESTION #2: Are you fully Rapture-Ready and prepared for Phase 2 (the really long haul part of Eternity?) As for stocking some emergency food and water now, granted many of us are trusting in the Christian Rapture, whereas the Lord will remove His Saints from this Earth. Many believe this will occur before the up to 7 years of Tribulation described in the Bible. However, there are some compelling studies that indicate this event happens around the Mid-Tribulation point, and if so would not occur until about 3 1/2 years into the Tribulation itself. Visit the web site for example, and see various articles at (especially concerning the VeriChip,etc.). Dr. Hugh Ross at for instance, has long felt that all of the Bible Scriptures pertaining to the Rapture line up with a Pre-Mid-Trib timing in his opinion. See The Rapture Promise pdf paper under our Downloads tab in the Other Important Messages folder for his list of Scriptures. Also visit which is a site that features many prophetic interviews we should all be aware of, as some feel the timing will be Pre-Wrath or even Post-Tribulation (at the very end of the Tribulation years with the 2nd Coming of Christ). Irregardless of the Lordʼs timing on this glorious and much Prayed for event, there will be many people remaining here afterwards, including possibly even some relatives and friends. We can and should at minimum leave Salvation material and some possibly much needed physical supplies for them, for use or barter, with our faith and Prayers for their pending Salvation. If not currently a Christian, be sure and download the "Christian Factors To Act On Now" pdf article under our Downloads tab (In Other Important Messages folder). It relays important messages from both Billy Graham and Greg Laurie. Also, weʼd be glad to mail you a free copy on request of Ray Comfortʼs “Why Christianity?” This is a great little non-denominational booklet with a Salvation analogy from (their sku#512). We feel youʼll find it absolutely worthy to read and share with others. And, by all means, please do request it from us for yourself, especially if you are not presently a Christian or unsure of your status, etc. (Note You can also view it online at Just click on the book more views to access and enlarge any of the page by page view of all 24 shown). It explains biblical Salvation and weʼll even send you one of their replica keepsake Million Dollar Bills with a good gospel message on the back. At any rate, we think youʼll agree it now appears we are entering or already in the midst of worldly turmoil times. Remember too, as Christians, we are charged with spreading the Gospel, so please support one or more “Great Commission” oriented Ministries where possible. We feel some well established and non-denominational entries in this field would certainly include the following: (especially see their outreach to the Troops) and visit the, as well as Every Home for Christ at We also like James and Betty Robison's beneficial feeding and water wells ministry. We are thankful too, for the LeSea Broadcasting Network, World Harvest Radio, which proclaims the Gospel 24/7 via 6 shortwave radio transmitters worldwide to up to 7 billion souls. You can listen to the internet streaming of their programing via your computer at web site (which gains access to your choice of transmitters Angel 1 thru Angel 6). Consider too, Franklin Graham's, and of course the Please Pray for our World and Nation daily and please remember America on our National Day of Prayer, on the first Thursday of every May (visit the for details). Please also especially remember daily the safety of all of our First Responders, such as Police, Fire, Medical and Military. See web sites such as and,, and others. Your Church may have interest in establishing a non-denominational "Prayer Boot Camp." More details on this worthy volunteer program may be found at web site: It is well suited to surround your area First Responders with ongoing and needed Prayer for their safety. Furthermore, John Piper, Pastor and Christian author has said “The first priority of the Church should be Worship, and the second should be Missions.” The third could well be a "Prayer Warrior" outlook, as detailed in "The Battle Plan for Prayer" book itself by the Kendrick Brothers. The famous British Preacher, Charles Spurgeon said “If we do not have a burden for the lost, we had best question our own salvation.” The late Zig Ziglar got our attention too, when saying “I guess you noticed that Godʼs Ten Commandments were not His Ten Suggestions." Ray Comfort says “Godʼs goal for our lives is for all of us to become more Christlike.” We think youʼll say “Amen” too, in regard to all of these quoted statements! So, Stay Well, Stay Prepared, and Stay Prayed Up! Remember, the Sun was still Shining when Noah Built the Ark!" (Even the Boy Scout Motto is "Be Prepared.")

IMPORTANT NOTE: Disclaimer...This website and any content or referrals therein is for information purposes only and is not intended to be or to serve as a substitute for professional medical or survivor advice, diagnosis, treatment or supplies. Our web pages is simply our effort to share with others various information we have found or personally used that we feel would be beneficial and helpful to literally all. You should always consult with your preferred medical and survival authorities according. Thank you for reviewing any of our information presented. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

PS: We further invite you to visit the Downloads section and in the Factor Ready Posters folder download the BibleStick Poster (to support our Troops) and the Factor Ready Poster (lists our efforts and web site). Others include Imagine Heaven and Earthing/Grounding, etc. Thanks and please Post any of these letter-size Posters at your Church, Organization or Business. And, as Leonard Slye (aka Roy Rogers) always said, "May the Good Lord take a liking to you!"

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When all else fails, Ham Radio could well be your only emergency communications means. Look into this beneficial and rewarding hobby now! See our Ham Radio Notes under Downloads.