Food1FOOD: Factor Ready is not a Food Dealer or Distriutorship and we do not stock, ship or sell food supplies. We can nevertheless supply you with beneficial "prepping" tips per this article, and direct you to some good supply sources we have discovered. However, as we say in Texas (when we ain't prepping) “It is better to have burnt and lost, than never to have Barbecued at all” :-)

Emergency Food to keep on hand could easily include even peanut butter and honey, as these are normally readily available and have a long shelf life (as does Spam). Most canned food will store safely for 2 years, except high acidic varieties such as tomatoes (and foods containing vinegar) and these should be used within 1 year. Most dates on canned goods indicate when it was manufactured. But, by all means please acquire some emergency type long life foods for numerous reasons. Most offer long life spans, are quick and easy to prepare, offer compact storage ability with quick grab and go portability. On a convenience note, now offers some quick fix organic soups, excellent for everyday use as well as storage for emergency food needs (just add hot water). Also see, for Superfood Powdered Meals you can drink, and well suited for short term storage.

EMERGENCY FOOD: Most emergency food choices are dehydrated and/or freeze dried and use just the addition of water (hot usually preferred to reconstitute faster) and they are tasty enough to enjoy anytime. Comfort selections would be a nice addition to have on hand too, such as a variety of fruits, etc. Life spans when appropriately stored in a cool, dry place, are typically 5-7 years for outdoor style meals (including MREs),15 years for meats, 20 years for fruits, and 25 years for long term meals and freeze dried vegetables. You can compare costs from different suppliers by figuring the cost per serving in a given container (plus shipping charges if applicable), and the package weight, etc. Be sure you are comparing same food types such as entrees to entrees, etc. Of course taste is important too. A free sample may be requested from some vendors at their web site. Recognized nationwide suppliers would certainly include, (Emergency Essentials), and Note:  Augason also carries various water and other misc. emergency supplies, so be sure and visit their site. They also offer some selections via the television One popular choice we especially like at Augason Farms is their economical Deluxe Emergency 30 Day Food Supply (under Emergency Food Supply/30 Day Kits at their web site). It offers 200 total servngs of 11 long life food varieties in a 5 gallon pail. Just add 1 cup of water per serving and heat. As for heating, if a microwave is utilized, it is always advisable health-wise to put contents in a glass or ceramic dish, rather than heat in anything made of plastic. This storage pail itself is especially handy for "grab and go" portability. Visit their web site for details and order information.

Also, even for emergency use, consider the convenient Superfoods from They not only offer serious nutrition, but can even serve as complete meals. Their SuperGreens and SuperBerry each offer 12 complete meals per container, with no heating. Just add 1 serving (2 concentrated powder scoops) to 8-12 oz.of filtered water. Two year shelf life is easily applicable to unopened cannisters when stored in a cool dry area. They also offer healthy CocoChia energy bars that would be good to have on hand, along with TheraSweet, a natural sweetner. Note: do be sure and obtain a portable camp type stove for any emergency cooking or heating needs and/or even a portable solar oven. Check out the selections at Amazon, such as the versatile and compact Lixada portable stainless steel camp stove as example. It can utilize both wood twigs or solified alcohol as fuel. At the minimum, acquire a solar water tube for heating water, or the larger Rand Solar Tube for heating and cooking purposes. Have on hand too, a compact set of camping type pots and pans, dishes, cups and eating utensils. Should you have interest in freeze-drying various foods yourself for long life storage, etc., visit for the equipment needed.

HOW MUCH TO STORE: How much food you store is your choice, but figure at least 1 serving size per meal per adult and child over 10 years of age per day. Please keep in mind Luke 6:31 and the needs of others in these important survival regards. Note that most emergency food suggested servings may not supply the FDA recommended adult intake of 2000 total calories per day, but certainly offer needed and life sustaining nutrition. Furthermore, consumption of additional servings would increase calorie count if needed or desired. You could also add rice as example, to most entrees to enlarge size or stretch the servings. Therefore, emergency food is a good “insurance” investment, as it can always be consumed even if not employed for emergency needs, and would also be an excellent barter item to have on hand too, when under long term emergency conditions.

Even if you don't presently have the space (or available funds) to acquire and store much if any of the designated emergency food suggested, consider at minimum obtaining some economocal and nutritious packages of Chia Seeds (organic preferred, such as from amazon, etc.) Chia is one of the most versatile superfoods on the planet, and was even an ancient Aztec warrior food. The seeds are a very high source of omega-3s, which are linked to a wide variety of health benefits. They also contain magnesium, amino acids and a healthy assortment of minerals. They're almost like tiny vitamins, and can be soaked in water or tea to make a healthy beverage, eaten or sprinkled onto foods, cereal, etc. Chia contains no gluten, no wheat, no corn and no soy. It is widely considered a "universal" food because nearly everyone can eat it, including family pets and farm animals. Per Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, these seeds easily store for 2 - 4 years without refrigeration, and 4+ years if refrigerated. They only require a dry, cool location. Better yet, chia doesn't go rancid very quickly like flaxseed does. And if you grind chia into a chia meal, it still has a long shelf life (1 - 2 years), unlike flax meal which goes rancid in less than 90 days.

NON-EMERGENCY FOOD: Of course when under normal conditions where usual food supply sources are available, and for optimal health reasons we suggest you seek out and observe an everyday healthy diet such as a whole food plant-based diet as advocated by,,,, and/or the Phase 1 and 2 Diets from Dr. Andrew Saul (,, who we greatly respect, says almost any diet is betteer than the Standaardd American Diet (S.A.D.). He favors a mainly plant food based, with modest meats, and a heavy emphasis on juicing. Any meats consumed should be of the grass fed variety such as offered at A 80% alkaline and 20% acidic foods is the recommended diet for most of us by Dr. Don Colbert ( Print the free food chart available at (under Resources/pH Food Chart). Also, look into the benefits of drinking hydonated water (see our Water and Health tab articles on this important subject). Live Juicing of fresh fruits and veggies from healthy farms with mineral rich soils (organic varieties preferred) is a very healthy option and highly suggested. Visit and and obtain Dr. Saul's (and daughter, Helen Saul Case) informaive and entertaining  book, "Vegetable Juicing for Everyone: How to Get Your Family Healther and Happier,"

Samson offers well rated versatile masticating type juicers at reasoable costs. SuperFood Powders such as BarleyMax and Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw Organic are good options too. Also see the Organic Carrot Powder at Just blend with 8 oz. of filtered water. For advanced nutrition especially look into the Superfood Powders at which can serve as meals. You'll also find organic soups at that can serve as quick fix and emergency short term storage. Orgaic frozen meals may be found at which offer quick fix convenience. Also, consider Apple Cider Vinegar (all natural type) as a good inexpensive general health tonic. Visit for more details. Virgin Organic Coconut Oil also offers considerable health benefits. Visit the informative site at

Plus, see our Health tab and Downloads tab for various health tips and other pdf documents you may have interest in. And by all means, support and boost your immune system where possible. Check out Transfer Point brand Beta Glucan such as via (see the videos and FAQ details posted there, especially in light of the many epidemics now subject to surfacing). The immune system is your first line of defense against disease. Foods that can help your immune system also include local honey, garlic, ginger, and vitamin C. Literally all raw vegetables are also anti-cancerous, the top two being garlic and cabbage. As the Standard American or Western Diet may well not supply all of the 90 nutrients (vitamins and minerals, etc.), we need daily for optimal health, we strongly suggest appropriate supplements. Especially the use of a good all-natural (not synthetic) multi-vitamin (preferrably organic) with sufficient or extra minerals, Vitamin D3, etc.  We especially like the offerings at The Synergy Company, New Chapter, Mega Food and Garden of Life. An economical mineral only, Mineral Concentrate liquid drops can be found at with over 70 all natural trace minerals. Further anti-cancer support can be provided by a good grade of Curcumin, Black Cumin Seeds or Oil, fish oil and green tea (and don't foget the beneficial Budwig Health Mix). By all means if you are confronted with active cancer read our Health tab article and also the pdf articles under Downloads in the Health Tips folders. Helpful alternative web sites would include,, and We would definiteltly recommend obtaining a copy of Dr. John Kelly's book, "Stop Feeding Your Cancer" and "The China Study" by Dr. T. Colin Campbell (both at amazon) and immediately follow a good plant food type diet for starters, deleting all animal and dairy protein, except for healthy wild-caught fish. Jucing of fresh fruits and vegetales (especially carrots) would be highly advisable too. See our Factor Ready Health tab full artcle mentoned above. Remember, the Bible says "My People Perish From Lack Of Knowledge..." ~Hosea 4:6

GROW YOUR OWN:  If you are so inclined and have the time and access to ground area with space to raise a garden, by all means do so. Or, at least have some long life vegetable seeds on hand to plant if needed. See the Heirloom Seed Kits at, with 5 year shelf life or up to 10 if in cold storage. That said, you'll of course also need some garden tools to accomplish this, along with a good DIY gardening instruction book. Should available space not allow this, look into compact "Cinder Block" gardening (avoid using "Fly Ash" blocks which contain a toxic material). Also, look into the compact gardening at (as recommended by Chris Wark at Yet another concept is "Keyhole" gardening. Look into it at these web sites: and Considerable DIY (do-it-yourself) gardening instructions can also be found at the Halleleujah Diet web site link located at: And at YouTube you'll find a video post of the dvd, Back To Eden Organic Gardening Film How to Grow a Vegetable Garden. Just point your web brwser to: Also see the Garden Tower 2, a revolutionary and ulta-compact vertical self-contained garden / composting system found at the following web site: And thinking of seeds did you know Black Cumin Seeds are very healthy to eat? They are also very anti-cancerous and can even aid in eliminating cancer "stem" cells per Bradford Weeks, MD at and He advocates eating these seeds with husks intact or grind with your electic coffee bean grinder and add to salads, etc. Also look into the Rain Soul proprietary liquid product at or that utilizes these amazing seeds. Black Cumin Seeds were reportedly said in the ancient Middle East to "heal everything but death."

IMPORTANT PS: Good Food & Water are indeed required for our human survival while we are here on Earth, engaged in Phase 1 of Life. But, what about Phase 2, the Eternal Long Haul? What is required for good survival there? The sure answer is to become a sincere Born Again Christian. If you haven’t already done that be sure and Read the Christian Factors pdf article in the Messages folder under the Downloads tab at for the exciting details from both Billy Graham and Greg Laurie! Plus, we'll gladly send you Ray Comfort's "Why Christianity" booklet on request. Stay Well, Stay Prepared and Stay Prayed Up! Remember, the Sun was stll shining when Noah Built the Ark ! Joe Lanier, KE5NYS, PhD (Past Having Doubts :-)