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As for the health topic in general, Cancer is unfortunately now rampant. Having personally experienced several senior citizen bouts with it ourselves, we would hope to help others avoid or delete it with what we've learned the hard way and/or discovered. There are over 100 types of cancer, which now strike 1 out of 2 American males and 1 out of 3 females. Over 20,000 folks die each day from cancer (with at least 40% being reportedly malnutrition related to the disease itself or the treatments involved). So if it scares us, that’s understandable. However, whether you’re trying to avoid cancer or beat it if you’ve got it, there is a very powerful Antidote to the fear, and to the disease itself. It can even be helpful in our Prayers to the Lord for Health and Healing, and that is Knowledge. As Hosea 4: 6 warns us, "My people perish from lack of knowledge." And, as  Dr. Tony Jimenez (at Hope 4 Cancer) says, "Cancer is just a word, not a death sentence," Plus, it is not a medical emegerency in most cases, which allows time for some research into treatment options and 2nd or even 3rd opinions. We’ve seriously looked into the causes, preventions and recovery steps that may be taken. What we’ve learned applies to literally all auto-immune diseases (especially cancers) and can help us and others avoid or eliminate same. Most cancers as example, take years to form and are considered by many knowledgeable health experts to be primarily derived due to a weak immune system. This is usually created by any or all of the following; (1) Insufficient nutrition from our modern diets with processed foods and over farming of reduced mineral lands. We need up to 90 different nutrients daily for optimal health per Dr. Joel Wallach, author of “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie.” (2) Faulty dental work such as amalgam fillings leaking mercury toxins and defective root canals poisoning our systems  (3) Environmental toxins such as smoking and chemical exposures. (4) Dampened immune systems such as brought on by extended and excessive stress, exposure to chemo and radiation treatments and/or medication side effects, etc. Long term oxidative stress and inflammation are reportedly common culprits too, as well as unrealized dehydration. Two time Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Linus Pauling (1901-1994) declared, "Nearly all disease can be traced to a nuritional deficiency."

Cancer unfortunately remains one of the most prominent, deadliest, and most terrifying of diseases. Even in developed countries, it sits on the second rank. Experts are attempting their best to lower its risk or prevent it. But, it still steals the life of 35% of its patients. There are various types of cancer treatments. Some patients rely on one treatment, while others have a combination of treatments. However, be aware there are options that can be beneficial as stand alone protocols or utilized in addition to the conventional standard of care treatments. Most are 100% natural and without negative side effects, and can truly help prevent or eliminate cancers. We would enourage you to further explore such options and utilize where appropriate any of the protocols and supplements described in this article (also see and others listed herein). Special Note: Should chemo be called for with any cancer conditions, inquire about the the "IPT" (Insulin Potentiation Theraphy) low-dose type chemotherapy for reportedly applying any effectiveness wth vastly increased safety factors and greatly reduced negative side effects.

Please be fully aware too, that traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments athough often capable of reducing cancer tumor cells, does not normally eliminate dangerous cancer stem cells, which can create reoccurring and metastasized spreading of cancers. The first modern evidence for a role of stem cells in cancer reportedly came to the medical community in 1994, but unfortunately is still not common public knowledge. As Christians, we do fully believe in the power of Divine Healing and Prayer being most helpful and should be sought in any illness. We also fully feel it is our human obligation to do our part in seeking and maintaining health via appropriate nutrition along with any needed conventional and/or alternative care. God can of course do what we cannot do for ourselves, should He so will to enact it while we are still here on earth. Please see our IMPORTANT NOTES section at end of this artcle for more on Christian centered healing. Note: If seeking qualified and safe alternative dental needs visit web sites such as and general information found at:

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