Simplified 7-Step Shortcut Nutrition Guide: (Get Healthy/Stay Healthy). Special Note: This article is frequently updated with newly found helpful material. With 1 out of 2 American males and 1 out of 3 females now experiencing cancers within their lifetimes, what are you doing to avoid this statistic? Even if youʼve previously had cancer, be aware that although surgery, chemo or radiation may have addressed the symptoms (such as tumors, etc.) they normally do not address the cause, nor do they generally eliminate cancer stem (mother) cells. Therefore, cancer returns are quite common, especially if nothing is done to eliminate the original cause (with approriate nutrition and supplements if needed to address any cancer stem cell conditions). We are now convinced the primary reason for most cancers is a weak immune system, which allows cancers and/or other auto immune diseases a foothold. This condition generally occurs over a period of time from causes such as (1) A lack of sufficient and real nutrition in our modern western diets. Our bodies need up to 90 different nutrients daily for optimal health, per Dr. Joel Wallach, author of “Dead Doctors Donʼt Lie.” (2) Dental work toxins resulting from defective root canals and leaking amalgam fillings containing mercury which can poison our systems. (3) Environmental toxins, such as smoking, etc.. can of course also play a strong cause role as can excessive stress which can suppress immune effectiveness. Therefore, the ball is in our courts to take charge of our own adult personal health and benefit from optimal health and energy along with avoiding as many diseases as possible. After suffering some personal cancer bouts and much research reading we would suggest as many of the following steps be employed as affordable and practical to assist in avoiding or recovering from cancers and other offsets and in maintaining optimal health. At minimum in prevention efforts, please consider utilizing the recommended beta glucan and a good all-natural (not synthetic) multi-vitamin, along with an appropriate diet, including the Budwig health mix. Also, a good brand of Curcumin, Fish Oil and/or Krill Oil and some Green Tea, and possibly some Black Cumin Seeds too. The Information presented will hopefully provide nutrition assistance to aid in prevention or even assist with combating literally any health issues such as cancers, etc. Further, see specific pdf health articles in the Health Tips folders under the Downloads tab. Plus, we should all obtain and read the book, “Imagine Heaven” by pastor John Burke. It can remove any Christian’s reservations about elderly age and/or severe injury or illness situations taking any toll on us (we promise this book will put a smile on your face!) Visit for the comforting details and free visual and audio book excerpts!! In fact, Ray Comfort at says "Passing for Christians is just the doormat they wipe their feet on before entering Heaven."  Not a Christian? Read our Christian Factors messages from Billy Graham and Greg Laurie at under Downloads (in Other Messages folder). But, Hey-back to our earthly Health status for now! The Lord is concerned about our daily well please review the following Simplified 7-Step Shortcut Nutrition Guide for a long and happy health status right here in our Phase 1 of Life...

1. DIET: "It's Not the Food in Your Life, but the Life in Your Food That Counts!" Granted, if under an emergency environment our food choices could well be limited to what emergency food supplies we had the foresight to store and have on hand, which would certainly suffice under those conditions. Whereas normal conditions with usual food sources available should allow us to eat as healthy as possible, which would generally involve a Plant Food based diet, with the daily juicing of some fresh fruits and vegetables employed for best and prompt benefits. Organic produce is prefered, as it reportedly contains 30-55% more vitamins and minerals than non-organic varieties. Live juicing itself is said to transfer up to 92% of consumed nutrients directly into needed body cells within 15-20 minutes, whereas eating would require 2-5 hours for digestion with only up to about 35% absorbed. Especially see the "Juicing Longevity" pdf article under Downloads tab (in the Health Tips folder). Although it may be somewhat uneasy to initially convert over to a plant based diet for many of us with our spoiled taste buds and addiction to modern processed foods. Fortunately, these former cravings will usually fully subside within 2-3 weeks, and as we know, those type processed foods and most fast foods are subject to contain unhealthy additives, antibiotics, preservatives, artificial coloring, etc. Remember, as Dr. Andrew Saul says, "No cell in the body is made from food. Not One. They are all made from what you eat. And what you eat is fully within your control." Therefore, as mentioned, for best health and to avoid cancers, etc., we really need in most cases to adopt the healthy Mediterranean type diet, such as set out at web stes (Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author "The China Study" and their Forks Over Knives video dvd), and at (and their Food Matters video dvd). Should cancer surface, most of us will especially need to pursue a primarily 80% raw and 20% cooked diet, such as advocated for many successful years with the Hallelujah diet. Visit their web site at and review their Cancer Recovery System (which is also available in Cardio, Diabetes, Arthritis, Crohn's/IBS and Candida verions). Linda Christina Beauregard's book, "I Gave Myself Cancer/I Can Take It Away" more than confirms the benefits of this type diet. Chris Wark at advocates a similar and successful anti-cancer diet in his SquareOne course that we would certainly suggest you look into.  Also see the Budwig Diet at and download the free Budwig Guide at Plus visit the web site (for book and dvd, etc.). Also, consider the anti-cancer benefits of a ketogenic (low carb, high fat, moderate protein) diet as recommended for most by Dr. Leah Erin Connealy, MD ( She says The right foods are medicine for your body and what you eat and drink could be the single most important determinant of whether you develop cancer or beat it. All of these diets mentioned would definitely involve more fresh and anti-cancerous alkalizing vegetables (preferably organic) and considerably less acidic type foods. Dr. Don Colbert at recommends such a Alkaline lifestyle with eating mainly alkaline foods in order to keep the body’s pH between 7.35 and 7.45. The ultimate aim is to eat 80 per cent alkaline foods and 20 per cent acidic foods. Visit and print out their free pH Food Chart (under Resources/pH FoodChart). Keep in mind too, that allium and cruciferous type veggies tend to prevent and stop cancerous growths. Garlic and onions, etc., are in the allium family as example, and cabbage, kale, broccoli and cauliflower, etc., belong to the cruciferous side. Also any meats consumed should be limited to the old fashioned and much healthier grass fed variety, such as from Ted Slanker's long serving site if not locally available. His e-book "The Real Diet of Man" is offered free at his site, under Education, Recommended Books. Ted also advocates wild-caught fish, and like Dr. Connealy, he prefers a Ketogenic type diet. Dr. Miichael VanDerschelden, DC, also promotes the Keto type diet on YouTube and at his facebook site. Do be aware though, that some in the medical oommunity (such as the late Dr. Nicolas Gonzales) do not recommend the ketogenic diet for long term usage. Also, see the Phase 1 and 2 diets from Doug Kaufmann at web site, as these diets can serve to starve out any fungus related issues. Which diet to use from the several mentioned in this article? From what we can ascertain all of those listed have good anti-cancer track records. If you currently have active cancer, the complete Budwig Diet reportedly has up to a 90% success rate and would therefore deserve serious attention. For certain we would immediately try the patient-proven diet tested by Dublin, Ireland Doctor, John Kelly, MD for at least 4-6 weeks. Obtain his book, "Stop Feeding Your Cancer." (from amazon, etc.)  It confirms Dr. T. Colin Campbell's research in "The China Study" book and mainly involves deleting any animal protein and dairy and adoption of a plant food based diet with fish permitted for protein. It has actually aided in stopping most cancers in their tracks, prevented spreading, and even instigate receding. However, it reported may not be fully effective with pancreas or stomach oriented cancers (that can create their own enzymes. Look into the Budwig Cellect protocol for those at, and note that juiced wheatgrass consuption has been very helpful with the stomach variety). Do listen to Dr. Kelly's  audio interview with Chris Wark via the web site at Otherwise you might try whichever diet appeals to you, or incorporate components from two or more. Should a particular diet. not bring the results you desire, move on to another one as we are all somewhat different in what may actually work the best for us. To further fine tune and pursue this important factor, we might acquire the book, "Foods That Fit A Unique You" by W. Lee Cowden, MD(H) and Connie Strashelm. It takes into account six individual factors, including: body pH, food allergies, metabolic type, gastrointestinal function, and your current health condition. It allows you to identify truly healthy foods, to look and feel your best. Whatever you do, avoid processed sugar as it actually feeds cancers. Use TheraSweet natural sweetner from or Stevia (look for the, brand as it is made with purified water). Fortunately, natural sugar found in most fruits is now being reported as ignored by cancer cells as the molecules rotate left rather than right (Go Figure, God must have known what he was doing when he created fruits). By the way, Microwaves are not recommended by some for healthy preparation of food, as they are said to radiate the food, reportedly deleting or reducing needed nutrients. Enzymes as example, are deactivated in wet-heat at 118 degrees F or at about 150 degrees F in dry-heat. Furthermore, plastic containers should not be used in microwaves as they can leach toxins. Use glass or ceramic bowls instead and cover contents with a paper towel rather than a plastic film. For the healthiest cooking method, steaming appears to be the best bet overall. It can also increase polyphenol content (a type of antioxidant that may fend off cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other health concerns) by a reported 52 percent, as it uses a gentle heating process and doesn’t submerge the vegetables in water. And for further health, don't forget, modest exercise with deep breathing and some limited sunshine (all with medical permission) are needed for overall good health for most of us. Rebounding can be a beneficial form of exercising for many. These are basically a 3 ft. diameter by 9 in. high, mini-trampoline with a safety hand rail. Bouncing bare foot is normally recommended, starting with 5-10 mins. daily, and working up to 20-30 mins. 5 days per week. Benefits include increasing lymphatic circulation, etc. is a highly rated brand to look into, along with obtaining medical use permission from your doctor. Weak bladders would warrant cautions, etc. As for healthful rest, here are seven old Ayurvedic concepts for sleeping on the left side as being the healthiest; Facilitates lymphatic drainage, Makes it easier for the heart to pump downhill, Better elimination, Support healthy spleen function, Encourages proper digestion, Helps circulation back to the heart, Helps bile flow more freely. You will also want to look into the general health and reduced inflammation benefits afforded us all by simply utilizing "Earthing/Grounding" as further described within this article.

2. IMMUNE SYSTEM: Important Support: Take the brand Beta Glucan 1,3D, supplement daily. This proven strong, purest and best type of Beta Glucan safely maximizes immune system abilities with no overmodulation concerns. In layman terms, it can basically  "turn all the lights on in your immune system."  A stout immune system is our first line of disease defense! Anyone age 30 and over should especially be taking this much needed health aid particularly in light of the current cancer statistics and the many epidemics now surfacing. In fact, if you were to take only one supplement, this would be it (and it can be taken as general maintenance or in therapeutic doses if needed). This special brand is up to 160 times stronger than many competitors, and is mandated with several alternative cancer protocols such as the late Bill Henderson (author of “Cancer-Free”) protocol as set out at and His book is available at various reputable health outlets. Plus see the Beta Glucan information at pharmacist and research developer AJ Lanigan's web site at You can obtain the product as well as access support audios and videos at health supplier Plus, see the pdf articles we have posted under Downloads in our Health Tips folder. Note: This Beta Glucan product can also help protect your immune system if taking radiation or chemo (and if doing chemo, you may wish to look into the milder “IPT” Insulin Potentiation Therapy form). It is also optionally reportedly helpful to take 400mcg of Selenium trace minerals (L-selenomethionine natural type) at same time as the Beta Glucan if wanted, to help fortify the immune system and increase concentration of blood selenium. Note: 200mcg is minimum Selenium usually recommended for general adult health, and only 60-100mcg is normally obtained via diet. Foods that can also help boost our immune systems include local honey, garlic, ginger, and vitamin C. You may also have interest if needed in, an advanced immune defense liquid developed by a medical doctor, reportedly suited for major cancer stages. This could be utilized along with the Superfoods from as example, for vital nutrition needs. If considering a mushroom type product for general immune system needs, look into the 7M+ fermented product from

ANTI-INFLAMMATION/ANTI-OXIDATION/ANTI-CANCER: Another very important supplement is Turmeric (Curcumin). Curcumin is a photochemical found in the spice turmeric, and is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It reportedly helps prevent the development of a variety of conditions related to oxidative and free-radical damage, including cataracts, heart disease, and cancer. It keeps the heart healthy by preventing plaque build-up in the arteries, which can lead to atherosclerosis. It Inhibits the proliferation of tumor cells, and the transformation of cells from normal to tumor. It helps your body destroy mutated cancer cells (including cancer stem cells) so they cannot spread throughout your body. It also enhances blood sugar control, helps prevent neuropathy and also encephalopathy which effects memory and cognition. It even aids in preventing obesity by reducing the blood supply of fat cells, thus inhibiting their growth. It furthermore lowers the inflammation response in bronchial asthma sufferers. Seeing all of these healthful actions (and more) makes it obvious why this natural product of spice is a nutrient we should all be taking. Most proponents recommend a dosage of 1000-3000mg daily. Chris Wark at advises look for a quality supplement that uses one of these 3 forms of curcumin: C3 Complex, Longvida or BCM-95. These 3 types are said to provide best results with superior absorption rates, etc. He definitely suggests (as do we) looking into the well researched Sanjevani Bosmeric SR-120 proprietary product available at (800-746-7640). It offers a patented time release blend of Curcumin C3 Complex/Turmeric Extract, Bosweillin PS/Frankincense Extract, Ginger Extract/20% Gingerols and BioPerine/Black Pepper Extract, as developed by New Mexico Physician, Dr. Sunnil Pai (author of "An Inflammation Nation” ). See his video post at Better Way Health on this remarkable product. Cancers mentioned include brain, breast, colon, thyroid, lung and prostrate. Interestingly, curcumin appears to be universally useful for just about every type of cancer, per Dr. Joseph Mercola, as Curcumin destroys cancer in multiple ways. Another unique formula is Tumeric3D from Their Triple Fermented proprietary process formula contains Organic Turmeric, Vitamin D3 (10,000iu specially fermented with lactobacillus bulgaricus), Fermented Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom extract, Ashwagandha Extract (Indian Ginseng), Ginger and Fulvic Acid. It was developed with the capable help of Dr. Daniel Nuzum, NMD, a naturopathic physician. We also like the Turmeric Strength Whole Body from (available at, amazon and others). It is comprised of their Turmeric Strength blend with Vitamin C from organic oranges, a Garden Fruit blend, Holy Basil extract and BioPerine. Another very interesting formulation is Cell Stop from It contains a comprehensive 17 especially helpful ingredients involving Curcumin, Green Tea, Astragalus Root Extract, various Mushrooms, Boswellia Extract, Milk Thistle, Beta Glucan, etc. (Note: they also offer Cardio Forte, a unique cardiovascular support product we really like). We do highly suggest adding a Turmeric (Curcumin) supplement to your health regiment. If not selecting any of the above and just seeking a bare-bones curcumin only choice from a reliable source, you might consider the Curcumin2K from Plus, you can look to for a Liposomal type curcumin. For pure economy, consider at minimum acquiring some organic ground Tumeric Root such as from and adding to various foods, etc.

3. VITAMINS: The modern western diet and usual food sources simply do not provide sufficient health hungry and true 24/7 nutrition. Recent studies of historical nutrient content data for fruits and vegetables spanning 50 to 70 years have shown apparent median declines of 5% to 40% or more in minerals, vitamins, and protein in groups of foods, especially in vegetables. Although according to a Gallup poll, 50% of us take vitamins (and up to 73% of our seniors) we should all preferably be taking an all-natural (rather than synthetic) multi-vitamin such as the FulviMax fermented product plus Minerals from or the brand multi-vitamin & minerals, as recommended by various health proponents. Dr. Andrew Saul recommmends taking 3 multi-vitamins daily (at least 1 with every meal, regardless of brand, and if natural or synthetic, or even what the normal dose amount listed on the label might be). Further consider extra Vitamin D3 (minimum of 1000mg and up if not in other products) especially when not obtaining at least 15 mins. of daily sun, as sufficient D3 is very health necessary and cancer preventive. Note: 10 minutes of sun can reportedly provide up to 10,000 IU of Vitamin D, provided we are South of Atlanta if winter, and in shorts and tank top. Per Dr. Joseph Mercola, the majority of us (including 60% of type II Diabetics) are especially deficient in D3, the real Vitamin D, and 87% more effective than the synthetic D2 counterpart. It helps prevent at least 16 different types of cancers, and cuts risks as high as 60%, and can prevent 200,000 (30%) of our yearly cancer deaths. He recommends a system range of 50-70 ng/mL be maintained per the 25(OHD) blood test. A special note for seniors, per Dr. Michael Greger, 4,000 IU of vitamin D3 a day is recommended for elders at high risk for falling to improve muscle strength and balance, The Tumeric3D mentioned has 10,000 IU Vitamin D3 or Dr. Mercola offers a good 5000 IU Vitamin D3 capsule (cholecalciferon) with 180mcg of K2 (menaquinone-MK7) for best absorption factors at also offers a 5000 IU capsule with the K2 addition, as well as the Revolution-D3 product at Note: A K2 caution is applicable to monitoring if taking anticoagulents such as warfarin. Important Note: All Natural (whole food) vitamins are considered bioavailable and more efficacious and better absorbed than the usual common off shelf TV advertised brands with synthetic made-in-lab ingredients. The synthetic ingredients reportedly may be imported and even non-tested in some brands. The synthetic mimicks also may lack the complete vitamin, such as the valuable micronutrient components, and are said to only be up to 20% body converted and absorbed in many cases. The balance ingested being either stored within the body or urine rejected. Plus, the natural types may be taken anytime, with or without food, and avoid stomach upsets. Fermented types are also very bioavailable. However, do check the Supplement Facts label when shopping as the FDA does allow a Natural label used with as little as 10% true natural content (see our Vital Vitamin & Mineral Factors article in the Health Tips folder under Downloads tab). The 3 top whole food vitamin brands previously listed by article at were Mega Food, Garden of Life and New Chapter. We also like the multi offerings now available at and Dr. Joseph Marcela ( recommends the following 5 supplements at minimum daily: Whole-Food Multivitamins (with vital minerals), Krill Oil, Ubiquinol, Probiotics, and  Astaxanthin .KC Craichy at recommends a good multi-vitamin for foundational health, plus following 5 supplements: Fish Oil with GLA and Vitamin E, Astaxanthin, Resveratrol, Tumeric & Curcumin, and Vitamin D (and A). We certainly recommend his books, such as "The Super Health Diet," etc., as well as Jean Carper's "Stop Aging Now" book. She was founder of the nutrition company, now under ownership of Joshua Corn, who is the editor of If on an all vegan diet or general energy lacking look into a good B-12 sublingual supplement such as B Complex Boost from, or Or, now has a Liposomal configuration. Make sure the Methylcobalamin natural form of B-12 is present, rather than the cheaper Cyanocobalamin synthetic lab type (Note: Diabetics on Metformin are subject to B12 deficiencies and usually need B12 injections, such as 1mg every 1-2 weeks per David Brownstein, MD at Symptoms such as brain fog can be often attributed to low levels of Vitamin B12, especially in seniors.  Also, we should all utilizer a good broad mineral supplement, as even if consuming organic (pestilent free) vegetables, does not insure mineral richness, with today's depleted soils. Consider the economical Mineral Concentrate from, with over 70 all natural trace minerals. Suggested oral dose is 10 drops daily in 8 oz of water. Doesnʼt your body deserve high quality and effective supplements? You should find some good all natural brands at area health food stores, or via mail order outlets such as,, etc. Suggested dosages may be found at our above mentioned article and at Note: Upper limits shown there are more in line with many modern nutritionist recommendations. Also, visit and and obtain their video dvds for great information and disease uses, etc. Plus go to (Dr. Andrew Saul's web site) for good articles and books, etc. One of his favorite sayings is, "Take encough C to be symptom free, whatever that amount might be." He also generally favors natural vitamins, and says that natural E is 50% better as example. However, he does feel synthetic vitamins are better than none at all, and especially synthetic C is fine, as the ascorbic acid is basically the same in both, and the synthetic in this case is more economical for mega-dosing needs. Vitamin C can reportedly greatly benefit the recovery from many major illnesses, including most cancers, when administered in mega-dose amounts, via IV or Liposomal oral method. You can research this further at both Dr. Levy's and Dr. Saul's web sites. The Liposomal form reportedly offers maximum delivery and fastest cell absorb rates than other oral formulations. Check on these type products at (including Glutathione) as recommended by Dr. Thomas Levy ( We've also got some pdf articles on Vitamin C posted under Downloads in the Health Tips folders. Should you wish to look into ProBiotics, which have really gained in popularity, look into their benefits at with their EpiBiotic product as well as offerings at We also have pdf articles on ProBiotic usage under the Downloads section (some strains are said to be particularly anti-cancerous). And don't forget Vitamin "G" for Grounding or Earthing, as this can have a major impact on your general Health! So be sure and read all the way to the bottom of this Health tab article.

4. SUPERFOODS: We suggest taking a tbsp. of BarleyMax, first thing in the morning. This is a very high quality green superfood powder with “living nutrients.” It can be mixed in 8 oz. of filtered water, for quickly absorbed cellular level nutrition (and is available from or, etc.) They offer it in a capsule form as well. Another quality brand is with your choice of barley grass tablets or capsules. Also, consider taking in afternoons a tbsp. of the highly rated Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw Organic (low temperature processed) powder in 8 oz. of filtered water, for even additional daily cellular nutrition. It is available via Amazon or My Natural Market., etc. Note: Various nutritional powders such as carrots, wheatgrass, kale, spinach, etc., are now available too, such as at, and reportedly retain important nutrients. On a side note, grow your own live kits (such as wheatgrass, etc.) are available at and wheatgrass has been especially found as beneficial with stomach cancers (see our pdf article on this). For advanced Superfoods that supply serious nutrition, and even vital nutrition especially needed by most cancer patients, see Their SuperGreens and SuperBerry can even serve as complete meals. Just add 1 serving (2 concentrated scoops) into 8-12 oz. of filtered water. Or, just use 1 scoop for normal supplementation with some water or juice, or adding to smoothies, etc. Definitely consider even combining their Greens and Berries and using along with advanced immune defense liquid for major cancer stages, even if undergoing conventional treatments. Your doctor or nutritionist should welcome these important supplementations. CocoChia Energy Bars are also available from, as well as 0ther nutritional items. offers their Superfood SPX tablets with organic Spirulina and Astaxanthin, in addition to their Synergy Greens powder. has a unque Protein Bone Broth powder in pure or flavored versions as well as their EpiGreens superfood, which offers 71 fruits, veggies, mushrooms, herbs, spices and a organic fermented botanical blend. It is also juice dryed, rather than pulp dryed which they advise offers up to 6 times more produce per ounce than competitors. Of course should time and desire permit, you can always add live and proven healthful juicing if you have a juice extractor. See as example for economical and popular centrifugal type juicers and for well rated masticate models (Note: the latter type is said to preserve enzymes with their low speed and low heat processing). Also, check out the web site for great juicing guidelines and his "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" video dvd documentary. A beat selling juicing recipe book continues to be “The Juicing Bible” by Pat Crocker, which you may wish to obtain from Amazon, or others. Note too, that carrots are especially involved in several of the anti-cancer protocols. The more we learn about fresh juicing the more we feel it can be a major key to preventing and/or overcoming many diseases, including cancer. Dr. H.E. Kirschner, MD, described many benefits and recoveries in his "Live Food Juices" book (copyrighted in 1957 with 37th printing in 1991). He specifically recommended raw carrots, celery, spinach, cabbage and apples for cancer purposes. He agreed with Dr. Henry Sherman who stated "When nutritonal knowledge is sufficiently widespread, people will consume up to 3 pounds of green and yellow vegetables and fruits daily." That would equate to about 1 and 1/2 pints of raw juice. Dr. Max Gerson required his cancer patients to take a minimum of 32 oz. daily, mostly in the form of carrot and apple. Ann Cameron, in her book "Curing Cancer With Carrots" took 40 oz. (5 lbs. of juiced carrots daily and overcame active cancer). Carrots contain Falcarinol, a natural anti-fungal and disease protectant primarily contained in their skins, which is thought to help explain their anti-cancer ability. Plus, raw carrots contain nearly all of the natural vitamins and minerals required by the human body, in good balance and with strong cleansing elements, and are recogized as one of the most valuable of all vegetables. Some dietitians now recommend a minimum of 16 oz. of fruit and vegetable juice every day for general health. Regardless of combinations and amounts consumed, carrots should predominate the mix (such as 8 out of every 12 oz.) Of course soiis were considerably richer back in Dr. Kirschner's days, with less contaminations. So, unless you are growing an organic garden in mineral rich grounds today, supplementing even juicing with good natural multi-vitamins is probably helpful to achieve best results in our times. Note: Free download of Dr. Kirshner's book in pdf form may be found at: Information on utilizing juicing for detoxing purposes may be found at (Cherie Calborn's web site). Also, look into the fermented detox Optimoxx products at A simple detox could involve the Synergy7 capsules from for liver support, which can be utlized with some ACV (apple cider vinegar) and raw honey for a colon cleanse. Use 1.5 tbsp of organic vinegar mixed with 1.5 tbsp of raw honey and consumed in 8 oz of water. Also, once a week for 20 minutes, sit in a hot bath that contains a handful of Epsom or sea salts, along with 10 drops of lavender essential oil, and a half cup of baking soda. We've read where this combo draws out toxins, lowers stress-related hormones, and balances your pH levels. Note: As for as juicing itself, if you don't have a juicer and/or want a healthful alternative (besides the juice powders mentioned), one option is more Souping of healthy vegetables. See the mouth watering base pre-mixes from as example and read our Souping Factors article under Downloads (in Health Tips folders).

SEED NUTRITION: Here is some very valuable and natural needed nutrition we mostly miss, that can be readily available to all. Dr. Bradford S. Weeks, MD, (at and is an advocate for cumin black seeds (such as eating whole crushed including husk) and advises they have the unique ability to eliminate cancer stem cells. Any of us interested in preventing or recovering from cancer need to be aware that normal chemotherapy and radiation treatments, although generally capable of reducing tumor cells, etc., DOES NOT reportedly eliminate these mother cells. Therefore, cancer spreads and reoccurrences are quite common. Economical Raw Nigella Seeds (Black Cumin 100% organic and non-GMO) are available from, amazon and others. Just add to food, salads, soups, etc. One teaspoon seems to be a daily dose to support health. Two or three teaspoons per day are suggested for specific diseases. They can be taken with honey (and even applied to the skin in the case of the seed oil). These tiny seeds are crunchy. Try them sprinkled on a thin layer of virgin coconut oil on your morning toast for a tasty treat!  Black cumin seeds have an ancient Middle East reputation for reportedly  “curing everything but death!” Also visit sites such as, and for the highly specialized Soul product from Rain International. This is a very anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, anti-cancerous proprietary special health and energy product with a thick liquid blend of 50% cold pressed whole black organic and non-GMO cumin seeds (with black raspberry and grape seeds added for synergistic benefits). It is conveniently packaged in 2 oz. packets of this good tasting ready-to-consume mixture (30 per box). Soul has been awarded the coveted Brunswick Labs anti-oxidant Gold Certification. Also see their Core (greens) detox seed formula with 9 plus ingredients. Rain further offers their Form, a protein product, with 5 key seeds, and Fused black coffee formula. Coffee lovers should especially try Fused™ for a healthy and organic (non-GMO) and special micronized (not instant) anti-cancerous coffee blend. It involves gandoderma mushrooms and four seed oils (black cumin, grapefruit, pomegranate, and grape with Indian and Brazilian coffee). There are 30 coffee tubes per container, ready for adding to a 6-8 oz. coffee cup of steaming hot (or cool) filtered water, or mix with almond milk, etc. We like to even add 1/2 or up to 1 scoop of Pure (neutral flavor) powered organic Bone Broth (such as available at or Makes a great and healthy Protein-Powered Coffee! For certain do the following for your own personal health knowledge: (1) Look under our Downloads tab at (in the Health folders) and download and read the BlackSeedOil-vs-Cancer pdf article we have posted there. (2) Then review these three brief 6 minute introductory videos on the Rain Products at following sites:  About changing your oil at: , About the Products is found at:  About the Company is at: Note: mainly markets their products via their authorized MLM associates. That status can be obtained for approx. $40 initial materials investment and products acquired direct from Rain at discount, or a customer can just be a retail user if preferred. Such consumer orders may be placed via any Rain associate such as Laura Weeks at: She suggests consuming about 90% of the Soul packet and rub the balance onto any area if needed that might be sore or have a skin condition, as Soul is an amazing and versatile product. Laura says she even uses it as a healthy exfoliate and moisturizer.

5. BUDWIG HEALTH MIX (FOCC): We should literally all consume this DIY (Do It Yourself) proven health formula daily. A normal serving consists of 3 tbsp. of flax seed oil (such as the quality brand) throughly mixed with 6 tbsp. of low fat (preferably organic) cottage cheese, by utilizing a hand immersion electric blender. This special ratio health mix was developed by Dr. Johanna Budwig (1908-2003) a German biochemist and author. She was a pharmacist and held doctorate degrees in physics and chemistry, and was a cellular researcher and Nobel Prize multi-nominee. Her formula is synergistic and actually adds healthy anti-cancerous oxygen into our body cells. She reportedly had a very high up to 90% cancer cure rate with patients utilizing this healthful formula, along with her designed diet. Recommended mix additions can include 2 tbsp. of freshly ground brown flax seeds, and/or fruits and nuts such as blueberries, walnuts, raw honey, etc. It can easily serve as a breakfast meal or nightly snack and Stevia or TheraSweet can be added if a sweeter taste is desired. Stevita liquid chocolate (10 drops) could even be added for a chocolat pudding taste if wanted (with considerable recipe variations found at Mix should be consumed once daily or divide into two servings (Dr. David Jockers at, recommends at least 1 tbsp. of the oil with 2 tbsp. cottage cheese per 100 lbs. of body weight). More information on the mix as well as a free Guide download on her recommendations and diet work may be found at Books and a video may be found at A video demo by Sandra Olson on the health mix itself is posted at or visit her informative web site at This mix is also mandated by various cancer protocols such as Bill Hendersonʼs ( and Mike Vrentas ( etc. Note: It is fully set out in Billʼs important “Cancer-Free” book as a smoothie recipe, along with his six other associated anti-cancer recommendations. Note: We have also posted a pdf article with Dr. Jocker's detailed instructions on this important mix under our Downloads tab in the Health Tips folder.

6. FURTHER OPTIONS: Include Raising Body pH: Cancer is reportedly very acidic and does not survive well or flourish in alkaline (7.26 levels and above) and oxygen environments. Therefore, many health proponents agree it is advantageous in most cases to maintain a body tissue pH that exceeds the 7.0 neutral level, with 0-6 being acidic ranges, and 8-14 readings being the alkaline ranges. Body pH (Potential Hydrogen) can be measured by inexpensive test strips available at most health stores and pharmacies. Follow any supplied instructions. Sample body fluid (saliva or urine) is generally applied to the strips and resulting color is compared to a color chart to determine current pH ievel. Readings of 7.30 or slightly above are usual recommendation for optimal health. For testing drinking water, pH test meters are available or pH test regent drops placed in a water sample for a color applicable reading. Most community supplied tap water is approx. 7.0 on the scale. Note: there is a 10 fold increase between a 7.0 to 8.0 reading, or a 10 fold drop between 7.0 and 6.0 readings, etc. The pH range in Body pH levels can be raised via consuming considerably more alkaline than acidic type foods in our diet. Even squeezing 1/2 lemon into a 8 oz. glass of water every morning is very beneficial per Dr. Don Colbert ( As mentioned under Diet (#1 above) he advocates an alkaline lifestyle, involving mainly alkaline foods to keep body pH between 7.35 and 7.45, with ultimate aim to eat 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic. A printable free food chart is available at under Resources/Food Chart. Also consuming natural apple cider vinegar, or adding alkaline drops to our drinking water, or even some baking soda addition to our drinking water (such as approx.1/2 tsp for every gallon of water) all help. Also look into pH2O water filters which can actually enhance and raise pH. Plus, many advocate a good water ionizer for this consistent purpose, including Robert Wright, author of “Killing Cancer-Not People" ( In fact, an ionizer is his number one natural product recommendation for most cancer patients. He also advises that “alkaline water is not ionized water, but ionized water is alkaline water. The Ionized water is steeped in science with its high, low negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential), ultra high alkalinity, and hydrating micro-clustering.” Therefore, they produce more positive effects than just alkalizing the water, including water filtering chores with most models. Note: Mr. Wright personally recommends the brand of quality water ionizers, which are available from his authorized outlet. Another popular brand is Emco Tech at Their models are available from various health outlets, such as Articles at these locations describe many Ionizer common health benefits as does So remember, “When the Fish is Sick-Change the Water!” This applies to us as well as the goldfish :-)...Note: At minimum with no filtered ionizer, we should only drink our local tap water via high quality and highly rated purifiers/filters such as from,,, etc. Needless to say, good clean pure water is absolutely vital for our ongoing health needs. On a side note, the Omega-3s found in Krill Oil can reportedly help with cellular dehydration issues. We also want to mention all 5 of the specalty supplement formulas found at These include the Cell Stop and Cardio Forte previously mentioned. Also see their Mindful, an advanced memory aid with Lion Mane, Gi Heal for intestinal issues and Opidone for anxiety withdrawal calming aid. All are very helpful special formulations yet affordable.

7. ADDITIONAL GENERAL HEALTH: and Cancer Options: Consider too, taking the following 2 inexpensive all-purpose home health remedies of (#1) An organic all natural apple cider vinegar health tonic, such as 1-2 tsp. of the Bragg brand in 8 oz. of filtered water up to 3 times daily has a whole host of natural benefits and can help raise body tissue pH, eliminate candida, etc., etc. Visit the web site for some examples. And (#2) take 1-2 tbsp. of a good organic virgin coconut oil (such as the popular brands of, and, etc.) Suggested is to take this good type oil 3 to 4 times daily, and even may be used as a detox when swishing in mouth for up to 15 mins. daily and expelling. This healthful practice is referred to as “Oil Pulling.” Many coconut oil benefits can be found at This includes organic virgin coconut oil being a healthy form of medium chain fats that can cross the brain blood barrier, and be utilized as a brain food. This can reportedly benefit Dementia and Alzheimer's issues. It reportedly can also help reduce blood sugar readings with both Type I and II Diabetes. The oil is subject to liquidfy at 76 degrees F and above, but may be refrigerated for a short while to regaina solid status if preferred. Stop Aging Now even offers this good substance in a capsule form if wanted. Also look for a good quality Fish Oil (EPA/DHA, and/or Krill Oil. Fish is said to better benefit the heart-vs-krill better helps joints). Also recommended is Green Tea (Matcha type from Japan generally offers highest potency). Frankincense Essential Oil is also reportedly beneficial for various cancers (the Indian Boswellia Serrate type of oil in an organic, therapeutic and pure form has been suggested). Note: Many oils are synthetic and designed primarily for aroma use, and are not suitable for direct skin application or internal consumption, even when carrier oils used for dilution. If interested in Oils, definitely look into the Magi-Complex formula of Tumeric, Frankincense and Myrrh as offered at in capsules or oil form, and their EL line of oils which are USDA certified organic and non-GMO. Also, visit sites such as and his Oil Database at:, along with and his Numa line of quality oils. Both and are said to offer quality oils with an MLM type of distribution plan. And, see the USDA organic oil offerings at, along with a good selection of diffusers, gift sets, accessories and books. For sure we suggest acquiring book, "Essential Oils: Ancient Medicines: Ancient Remedie For Your Everyday Life" by Dr. Josh Axe, Rubin Jordan and Ty Bollinger. Regardless of oil brand, we suggest checking for a Supplement Facts Label which can be found on most pure oil containers. Also mentioned as anti-cancerous is Essiac Tea, such as the Rene Caisse original formula as found at under the Angel Tea name (and visit owner, web pages for good herbs-vs-cancer information). You can also find capsule, extract and powder Essiac Tea formulations at As for as the Bees go, most of their natural talents, such as Royal Jelly are also said to be anti-cancerous. Plus, one nature strong rated compound is Laetrile (Amygdalin or Vitamin B17 apricot), which may be obtained in raw seed or capsule or tablet form from Note: they do not recommend consumption of more than 3 of these raw seed kernels per hour, and no more than 10 kernels in one day, as they are unprocessed, potent raw kernels, and somewhat bitter in taste as well. Plus, some scientists have warned that a compound in the apricot kernel converts to cyanide in the body at levels that could be harmful if excessive amounts consumed. Note too, most advise that B-17 (or large doses of Vitamin C) should not be taken at same time as consumption of the Budwig Health Mix covered earlier. So, be sure and the read the important Laetrile/Vitamin B-12 guideline use article at Cancer Tutor if considering use of same. And for your special attention see the Breast Factors article for the ladies, and Prostrate Factors for the hairy legs, both under Downloads in the Health Tips folder at Factor Ready. For instance Ladies, did you know breast cancer could be prevention or treatment aided with ingestible iodine? Ladies should also visit (Dr. Veronique Desaulniers) and obtain her book, "Heal Breast Cancer Naturally-7 Essential Steps" and consider her coaching service if needed. And, Guys, did you know the mineral Boron, was beneficial for Prostate protection? On a side note, Cannabis (the Hemp plant and chemical portion of marijuana) has reportedly considerable medical benefits). The 3 main species are Sativa, Indica and Rudaralis. The plant contains more than 100 main cannabinoids with primary interest being in the THC and CBD portions for medical use. Studies show extracts kill certain cancer cells and reduce sizes of others, etc. Medical uses of these substances is now permitted in various states. Contact web sites such as for more information should you have interest. Note: These substances should definitely not be used without the supervision of an experienced medical person fully familiar with patient condition, dosing requirements and appropriate formulations and types (such as oil, juicing of leaves, etc.) as best applicable, etc.

THE BOTTOM LINE: "It's Not The Food In Your Life, But The Life In Your Food That Counts!" Our many reading and research hours plus personal experience agrees with the findings of many credible folks such as Chris Wark (, Ty Bollinger (, the late Bill Henderon ( It also fully verifies vintage books such as "Live Food Juicing" by Dr. H.E. Kirschner and "Fresh Vegetables And Fruit Juces" by Dr. Norman Walker. Both of these books are highly recommended by Jay Kordich, "The Father of Juicing" and author of "The Power Of Juicing." As Dr. Andrew Saul says, "We need vegetation, not medication." Nutrition is a major, major factor in preventing and/or resolving cancers and live juicing of fresh fruits and vegetables is particularly effective in rapidly achieving any health goals. See our "Juicing Longevity" by Jay Kordich pdf article under Downloads (in the Health Tips folder) and others. Also, If you have previously had, or currently have active cancer or wish to know more, the information on many recognized cancer alternative protocols may be readily found at This would include the late author Bill Henderson "Cancer-Free" recommendations, as well as the additional CellectBudwig protocol such as for stage IV patients by cancer coach Mike Vrentras ( which involves the formula). Cancer Coaching is also offered by Chris Wark's Square One nutrition oriented program which is available in download form or on video dvds ( We highly recommend this economical and very informative purchase, which also grants membership access to their very active facebook group page. Mrs.Terry Henderson also has cancer coaching options at as well as Mrs. Paula Black ( and others. Even if undergoing traditional “standard of care” treatments it is apparently very beneficial to employ various alternative protocols or elements, such as the helpful immune strengthening and protecting Transfer Point brand Beta Glucan, as well as the Budwig health mix, and supplments such as found at and, etc. For certain we suggest you promptly listen to Chris Wark's (at audio interview wth Dr. John Kelly, author of "Stop Feeding Your Cancer." This Dublin Doctor IS beating Cancer! Try his patient-proven recommendations (based on "The China Study") for 30 days and see for yourself! Also, for excellent analysis reports on various cancers and treatments are available from Ralph Moss, PhD, at And, If going traditional care routes, it could well behoove you (or your doctor) to contact for details on their genomic profile testing. This can reportedly establish the exact and specific chemotheraphy type that would be most effective against a particular person's cancer, rather than accept the usual "one size fits all cookie cutter" approach. An outstanding pdf article by a medical doctor is "Relevant Clinical Observations" found at, along with information on their advanced immune defense. This could be accompanied by Superfoods for vital nutrition needs. Note: One injectable treatment apparently gaining ground in Europe is GcMAF, that may well warrant pursuing over here too (see their web site for more details at Worth mention too, is a unique serum cancer blood test offered by in Boston. They examine and report back to your doctor on dry-ice packed blood samples sent them in their supplied container for their patented testing. Various doctors reportedly utilize their medicare approved services. Another cancer test is the HcG urine immunoassay test offered by You may order your own test from them with a sample preparation kit available from the Yet another test especially suited for early detection efforts is the CA Profile™ multi-test available from a highly rated Florida facility at Visit their web site for details or call them at 954/929-4814. Another important lab test is the Onconomics Plus chemo sensitivity test at which can evaluate if various drugs would conflict with your particular system. 5FU as example, could be dangerous to use where a DPD enzyme deficiency is present. Their testing also looks at various natural substances like Vitamin C and Laetrile and also involes genetic testing. Note: Chris Wark at feels this test should be mandatory for every cancer patient before starting any chemo treatments. For breast cancer patients, the Oncotype DX genertic test helps predict the risk of recurrence after surgery. Steve Warren (Timely Proposal To Cure Cancer author) mentions the ONCOblot and PHI tests as very helpful such as in relation to prostrate cancer and can help avoid biopsies (and is reportedly 3 times more specific than the PSA test). Do check for general health updates at our web site,, (such as this Health tab article and in the Health Tips folder under Downloads for free pdf articles, such as "Cancer Symptoms & Tests," etc.) And, feel free to contact us as well. Certainly excellent books we urge you to acquire would include: "The Cancer Revolution" with must-know topics and must-know steps to achieve preventon and recovery by Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, MD (, Also, "The Truth About Cancer" and "Cancer-Step Outside The Box" by Ty Bollinger ( which describes authentic alternative cancer care solutions and clinics, such as RIGVIR, a Virotheraphy treatment gaining popularity in Europe, etc. Also, “Cancer- Free” by the late Bill Henderson ( with his alternative protocol, and "Power Over Cancer" by Larry Pahl. The latter confirms the who, what, when, where (and even how) of nutrition-vs-cancer. Yet another is "Doctor Yourself" by Dr. Andrew Saul, which sets out various vitamins needed for various illnesses, including vitamin C mega-dose benefits, etc. All 5 books are must reads in our opinion, plus we are adding "An Inflammation Nation" by New Mexico Medical Doctor, Sunil Pai. It outlines his 10-step guide to help prevent and treat all diseases. Articles concerning Vitamin C (and books) can be found at the web site, Dr. Thomas Levy's page. He heavily advocates the Lipsomal form of Vitamin C as found at An addition to our Health Tips section under the Downloads tab is a summary of Ann Cameron's book "Curing Cancer With Carrots." Look into her amazing story as this might well be a cost conscious solution to many cancer problems. Another important pdf article posted there is "Why Christians Get Sick" by Rev. Geo. Malkmus. Yet another informative web site to be aware of is, with considerable support for cancer patients posted there. We also like the web site by Cortney Worrell Campbell. Exceptional information can also be found at, Sayer Ji's site, and author of "Killing Cancer." Many of the sites we mention offer regular and free e-mail newsletters you may subscribe to, and some have a facebook site as well. A particular trustworthy site for nutrition information is, with both video and data newletters. Also, Dr. Michael Greger's book, "How Not To Die" is well worth acquiring. Another good one we've discovered too is, web site and book by Jenny Krbacek, RN. She has really researched what cancer early warning tests are out there and the pros and cons, etc. This is a must read for early detection details. Yet another highly informative and timely book is "Timely Proposal To Cure Cancer" by Steven Warren. He introduces various helpful, affordable and needed natural protocols needing public awareness and medical political acceptane asap. This includes the Russian Thymogen immune modulator and Tookad VIP prostrate treatment from Israel, etc. (Note: Steve also offers nutritional counseling). On another important note, should you be confronted with skin issues, such as Actinic Keratosis, Basil or Squamous Cell Carcinoma, you may wish to initially try some creams such as SunSpot ES (formerly SkinAnswer) or Curaderm BEC5, or even some home remedies such as iodine or apple cider vinegar. Note: None of these are suitable for Melanoma situations. A Dermatologist should be consulted, especially initially to properly diagnose any skin condition in our opinion. See our Skin Cancer Issues document under Health Tips in Downloads. For breathing issues see the "Natural Breathing Factors" pdf article, and check out the relief technology offered at And, if dealing with any form of cancer whatsoever don't hesitate to download our pdf copy of "Oncology Questions" that you should ask your Doctor by all means (20 important ones plus some especially if considering traditional cancer treatment options). It may be found in Downloads (in Health Tips folders). Also see Chris Wark's extended pdf free article on this important subject at

So, Stay Prepared (stock some emergency supplies and become a Ham Radio Operator). Stay Prayed Up (see book, "The Window Of The Lord's Return" by John Shorey (including his Part 2 edition) at, and Stay Well (per these Health Tips). And of course as a general rule, always seek and follow the advice of your professional health care provider. Remember too, the Sun was still Shining when Noah built the Ark, and that the Bible does state “Godʼs People Perish From Lack Of Knowledge...” (Hosea 4:6)...So study up and take better charge of your health now! On a last but far from least note, would you believe that walking barefoot on God's Green Earth is actually healthy for you? We're not kidding...See our "Earthing Health Factors" pdf article under Downloads tab in the Health Tips Folder (Who Knew)...And check into more "Earthing" input via the book and products at, as well as the extensive information posted at Plus, see the videos posted at We can apparently eliminate much if not literally all inflammation oriented aches and pains, feel more energized, obtain better sleep. and help prevent or even help eliminate various illnesses and diseases, etc. Just call it "Vitamin G" for Grounding as it can indeed normally have a positive and feel good impact on our overall general Health! Products are even available that allow grounding benefits while indoors, that include Patches (for Pain) that "Work Like Magic!" Yet another unique health benefit with reports of various healings is Michael Tyrrell's His discovery of this special type of therapeutic music even miraculously helped resolve his own mother's cancer. Listen to the samples of this inspired music posted at his web site. The complete 7 CD instrumental song set can be ordered or downloaded in MP3 format.

IMPORTANT PS: Health is indeed required for our human survival while we are here on Earth, engaged in Phase 1 of Life. But, what about Phase 2, the Eternal Long Haul? What is required for a gracious acceptance and survival there? The sure answer is to become a sincere Born Again Christian. If you haven’t already done that be sure and Read the Christian Factors pdf article in the Messages folder under the Downloads tab at for the exciting details from both Billy Graham and Greg Laurie!

AND FINALLY: Remember, be careful in reading Health Books. You may die of a misprint (Mark Twain :-) Seriously, this website and any content or referrals therein is for information purposes only and is not intended to be or to serve as a substitute for professional medical or survivor advice, diagnosis, treatment or supplies. Our web pages is simply our effort to share with others various information we have found or personally used that we feel would be beneficial and helpful to literally all. You should always consult with your preferred medical and survival authorities according. Thank you for reviewing any of our information presented. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

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Beta Glucan Immune Support

When all else fails, Ham Radio could well be your only emergency communications means. Look into this beneficial and rewarding hobby now! See our Ham Radio Notes under Downloads.