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As for the health topic in general, Cancer is now rampant, with over 100 different types, and now strikes 1 out of 2 American males, and 1 out of 3 females. Over 20,000 people die each day from cancer (with at least 40% reportedly malnutrition related to the disease or treatments involved). So if it scares us, that’s understandable. However, whether you’re trying to avoid cancer or beat it if you’ve got it, there is one very powerful antidote to the fear, and to the disease itself: and that is knowledge. As  Dr. Tony Jimenez (at Hope 4 Cancer) says, "Cancer is just a word, not a death sentence," Plus, it is not a medical emegerency in most cases, which allows time for some research into treatment options and 2nd or 3rd opinions. As a senior citizen after several personal bouts with cancer, we’ve seriously looked into the causes, preventions and recovery steps that may be taken. What we’ve learned the hard way applies to literally all auto-immune diseases (especially cancers) and can help us and others avoid or eliminate same. Most cancers as example, take years to form and are considered by many knowledgeable health experts to be primarily derived due to a weak immune system. This is usually created by any or all of the following; (1) Insufficient nutrition from our modern diets with processed foods and over farming of reduced mineral lands. We need up to 90 different nutrients daily for optimal health per Dr. Joel Wallach, author of “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie.” (2) Faulty dental work such as amalgam fillings leaking mercury toxins and defective root canals poisoning our systems  (3) Environmental toxins such as smoking and chemical exposures. (4) Dampened immune systems such as brought on by long term excessive stress, exposure to chemo and radiation treatments and/or medication side effects, etc.

Cancer remains one of the deadliest, and most terrifying, diseases. Even in developed countries, it sits on the second rank. Experts are attempting their best to lower its risk or prevent it. But, it still steals the life of 35% of its patients. There are various types of cancer treatments. Some patients rely on one treatment, while others have a combination of treatments. However, be aware there are options or what can be beneficial additions to the conventional standard of care treatments which are 100% natural and without negative side effects, that can help prevent or eliminate cancers. We would enourage you to further explore such options and utilize where appropriate any of the protocols and supplements described in this article. Special Note: Should chemo be called for with any cancer conditions, inquire about the the "IPT" (Insulin Potentiation Theraphy) low-dose type chemotherapy for reportedly applying any effectiveness wth vastly increased safety factors and greatly reduced negative side effects.

Please be fully aware too, that traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments athough often reducing cancer tumor cells, does not normally eliminate dangerous cancer stem cells, which can create reoccurring and metastasized spreading of cancers. As Christians, we do fully believe in the power of Divine Healing and Prayer, but fully feel it is our human obligation to do our part in seeking and maintaining health via appropriate nutrition along with any needed conventional and/or alternative care. God can of course do what we cannot do for ourselves, should He so will to enact while we are still on earth. Please see our IMPORTANT NOTES section at end of this artcle for more on Christian centered healing. Note: If seeking qualified and safe alternative dental needs visit web sites such as and general information found at:

FOOD: "It's Not the Food in Your Life, but the Life in Your Food That Counts!" Granted, if under an emergency environment our food choices could well be limited to what emergency food supplies we had the foresight to store and have on hand, which would certainly suffice under those conditions. Whereas normal conditions with usual food sources available should allow us to eat as healthy as possible. We are fully convinced a proper diet is the major key to prevent and/or resolve major health issues for most of us. Even Hippocrates (460 B.C.-370 B.C.) “The Father of Medicine” said, “Let Food Be Thy Medicine...” As example, the long time Phase 1 & 2 Diets from Doug Kaufmann at can serve as helpful prevention diets for many auto-immune diseases, especially if fungal related. Note: some say Candida (a type of fungus) causes cancer, while others say that both fungus and cancer originate and thrive in the same low pH, high acidic environment, possibly with a symbiotic relationship. The article “Candida albicans, a common yeast, and its links to cancer” at reports that both a major UK and USA cancer center advised that every Cancer patient they see, man or woman, has had an excesive and bad ratio of candida albicans present. See our Candida Yeast Factors article under Downloads and the simple home test for same. The Phase 1 & 2 diets are relatively simple to follow, with 2 weeks normally on Phase 1, and move to Phase 2. Both appeal to many of us, as they allow grass fed meats, range fed chicken and wild caught fish, etc. (such as offered at See the “Phase 2 Food List” pdf under Downloads (in the Health Tips folder).

However, if you’ve previously had or currently confronted with active cancer (with prompt needs to stop, and even reverse any growths or spreads) most of us may well require a stronger whole foods, plant-based diet, calling for the present deletion of any animal or dairy products (whose proteins can reportedly feed cancers). Actually, this type of diet should be pursued from the start in opinion of many health proponents, should top optimal health and disease deletion be the primary goals. One basic rule of thumb we heard to live by is,“If it is a plant, eat it; if it is made in a plant, don’t eat it :-).” Diets especially meeting this criteria include the findings of “The China Study” by author Dr. T. Collin Campbell, as set out at This diet was very successfully utilized and proven by Irish Medical Doctor John Kelly and fully verified with his cancer patients over lengthy periods who were undergoing traditional or alternative treatments at the time. Good healthy (wild caught) fish were allowed for protein (see the “China Study Food List” pdf document posted under Downloads in the Health Tips folder). Kelly did note that pancreas and stomach type cancers required additional therapies with their ability to create their own enzymes. He suggests anyone to try this diet for at least a month or more, and see how they are feeling, and do any appropriate tests to monitor cancer reductions, etc. Progress can be self-monitored if wished, such as via the HCG Urine Test from (see test kits at Downward reading trends with goals of below 50 would indicate very worthwhile results.

The Bottom Line is, based on what we've learned, we would recommend a largely Whole Food Plant Based Diet in most cases, as being the most healthy and anti-cancerous. We would urge all to obtain Dr. Kelly's “Stop Feeding Your Cancer Now” book and Dr. Campbell’s “The China Study” (2016 edition preferred with 70 more pages for your personal edification and to show your doctor if desired, etc.) Also obtain a copy of Chris Wark's book, "Chris Beat Cancer." This is an exceptionally informative Health book where cancer is concerned (visit We also highly recommend Suzy Griswold's "Created to Heal Strong" book, and organization Other diets of this general Mediterranean type and nature we are aware of would include those found at;, (where Health Minister services are available),, and We also personally like The Super Health Diet (book) by KC Kraichy at It is a mostly plant food diet, with high protein and healthy fats involved. Plus, amazon offers a good selection of recipe books centered around the Mediterranean style diets.

Also, especially if cancer confronted, be sure and look into the Square One healing diet and cancer coaching program developed by Chris Wark from personal experience at His audio interview with Dr. Kelly can also be accessed via his site. On another important health front, the plant food based diet has been shown as capable of reversing Type 2 Diabetes, with an impressive article by Dr. Michael Greger at documenting same. See a copy of his Sept. 2018 article in our Diabetes Factors pdf document (under Downloads in the Health Tips folder). Reportedly 8-18 percent of people with cancer also have diabetes. While many know they are diabetic, others may only discover it after a cancer is present. Further, there is a link with various cancers. Type I diabetes tends to occur with cervical and stomach cancers. Type II diabetes often occurs with breast, endometrial, pancreatic, liver, kidney and colon type cancers. Cancer can bring about metabolic changes that cause or aggravate symptoms of diabetes. Plus, diabetic high blood sugar levels can weaken the immune system, which needs to be strong to fight any cancer. Note: Many health diet type regiments call for up to 80% raw and 20% cooked foods, with up to 80% alkaline type foods, and 20% acidic suggested (per Dr. Don Colbert at, author of "Let Food Be Your Medicine"). We also highly suggest contactng the, obtain their material, and ascertain if they have an active chapter in your area.

Regardless of what particular diet is followed, live juicing of fresh fruits and vegetables should be a major portion of any health recovery goal or maintenance effort. Main reasons include, juicing can deliver up to 92% of the nutrients directly into body cells within 15-20 minutes, whereas normal eating can take 2-5 hours for about 35% maximum absorption. Note too, that organic food varieties can reportedly provide 30-55% more nutrition than non-organic. As for juicers, the masticating type are generally said to be more efficient than the cheaper centrifugal versions. We personally own and like the versatile Samson 6-in-1 model (which can do greens well too). The outstanding benefits of such juicing is fully verified in classic books such as “Live Food Juicing” by Dr. H.E. Kirschner, and “Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices” by N.W. Walker. In fact, the late Jay Kordich “The Father of Juicing” ( and author of “Power of Juicing” highly recommended both books, as they fully document many healings manifested via juicing and list suggested recipes, etc. Be aware too, that fresh carrots (from organic and mineral rich healthy farms) are especially anti-cancerous and comprise the suggested bulk of most mixtures. Such juicing is highly employed with the long time Gerson Therapy. See for more details. Note: Most masticating juicers can render about 8 oz of juice per each pound of carrots processed. It appears around 16-20 oz daily would be a decent maintenance (cancer preventive) amount whereas a 40 oz minimum of juice is suggested for therapy needs. Ralph Cole (at who resolved his cancer with carrots, feels 1 lb of juiced carrots daily per 30 lbs of body weight is probably needed, until appropriate tests show any visible cancer cleared. Obtain Ann Cameron’s book, “Curing Cancer With Carrots” for her amazing story concerning the juicing use of this remarkable God-given and chock full of all the major vegetable nutrients (see her summary article in our pdf Download section).

However, even with all of the above said, unfortunately many if not most of our fruits and vegetables are now grown in over-farmed and non-mineral rich soils. Fertilizers if utilized are mainly synthetic with partial contents rather than natural with full ingredients. If you are not fully sure of the original source soil quality, this would most assuredly warrant supplementing our present day juicing and diets with some truly whole food (Organic and non-GMO preferred) multi-vitamins and sufficient minerals (preferrably plant based). We would recommend the daily use of products such as Multi Vita-Min from the Other respected natural vitamin brands include,,,, etc. Mineral only products are available too, such as Mineral Concentrate from Organic Carrot Juice Powder, as well as Barley, Kale and Wheatgrass, etc., can be found at Such Powders would be especially convenient for travel use, and where live juicing not practical.  Plus, any of these steps should assist our bodies with reacting as fully fertile, fully synergestic grounds, and fully ready to absorb any living nutrients supplied to it. Prep Tip: Cut off the very tops of any carrots to be juiced, where pesticides can accumulate, but always leave the skins intact, as they contain much of the anti-cancerous Falcarinol content.

And, vital-important per Green Med Info as found at:, is the carrot's natural Beta-Carotene ability to eliminate dangerous cancer "stem" cells (see important details below in the Special Supplements paragraph). Note: Cauliflower, broccoli and brussel sprouts and cabbage all contain high amounts of the cancer-fighting compounds sulforaphane and isothiocyanates, the former of which has been shown to kill cancer stem cells, so responsible for metastasis or spread of cancers. Of course on a side note, adding some modest exercise (such as walking and/or use of a rebounder) and a little sunshine would all be physically advantageous if approved by your medical advisor. Rebounders are very small diameter and very low to the floor mini-trampolines (such as the well rated Bellicon brand) with optional hand rails for safety. Charlene Bollinger at The Truth About Cancer advises they are very beneficial for lymph node system detox drainage and general exercise purposes, etc. Hint: Sleeping on our left sides is best for us, and can assist with lymph drainage too.

Toward last but not least, many health proponents either offer or recommend various Detox programs or products. Many appear especially useful, especially where serious illness involved. See our "Detox Made Simple" pdf article under Downloads (in More Health Tips folder) for what can be one such solution, and very affordable. Also see the convenient 2 bottle Detoxx formula at Organixx. Note that some may feel worse before better for a brief period when undergoing initial detox (see The Herxheimer Reaction pdf article on this circumstance). Probiotics are now more popular too, and should alway be employed at least following any antibiotic rounds to replenish the good gut bacteria that was lost. See our pdf article on same. An often mentioned beneficial brand is Dr. Ohirra's Probiotics. Special note: Some studies now indicate that Pre-Biotics (that feed Pro-Biotics) are health helpful and even moreso and work faster than the Pro variety types.

One parting diet related comment is on the Ketogenic type diet where cancer is concerned. Keto is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet, with limited proteins. Some now advocate this diet, and it has apparently been beneficial in various sited cases. From what we can gather though, it may not the best solution for all, especially for long term use, when compared with the whole foods plant-based type diet (per the late and highly respected Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, etc. See article on this posted at More Keto information can be found at and his book, "Dr. Colbert's Keto Zone Diet." As for meat consumption, it is our personal opinion that modest consumption of grass fed meat is not normally a health hazard. The main problems (per Doug Kaufmann at lie in processed meats that can contain cancerous mycotoxins (fungal poisons). These are easily derived from the stock yard feeding of animals that have been fed silo stored GMO and moldy grains. Plus, use of antibiotics to fatten them, along with added preservatives and colorings, etc., with the final product being consumed by us. Note: He feels much of our corn, peanuts and grains now all fall under literal universal contaminations and suggests restricting their consumption.

To be on the safe side, we would certainly go along with Dr. Kelly, and delete any and all animal protein and dairy (except for healthy wild-caught fish per “The China Study”) during any active cancers being present. Remember, the food we eat can be the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison. For certain processed sugar feeds cancers, and we each consume about 150-170 pounds of it per year, and even 14 pounds of unhealthy additives. Look into Stevia (such as the Sweet Leaf brand made with purified water) or TheraSweet for any sweetner needs. Fortunately, the molecules in natural sugars (such as found in various fruits) rotate in opposite direction and are ignored by cancer cells, per Dr. Tony Jimenez at the Hope4Cancer Institute. The more anti-cancer nutritional steps we can take the better, especially the Juicing of Carrots, and especially when they are from healthy organic and mineral rich farms. These would contain literally all of the major vitamins and minerals and as mentioned, help delete dangerous cancer "stem" cells (Go Figure, God must have known what He was doing when He invented carrots...:-).

Be aware too, that Scientists from the Imperial College in London looked at 95 previous studies of fruit and vegetable intake. They found that the highest health benefits of antioxidants and vitamins from fruits and vegetables came from eating 10 portions a day. This new research is confirming that we should be eating double the current recommended dietary guidelines in order to reap the benefits of antioxidants. Higher amounts also increase the body’s ability to fight and prevent disease (see full article at You'll also find an excellent article, "The Cancer Diet," posted at: . Be further aware that microwave ovens reportedly seriously decrease the nutritional value of food, including reduced B-12 levels, and up to 97% of flavonoids, plus altering of vitamin and nutrient levels, etc. Obtain a small Turbo type Convection Oven for safe and quick cooking in half the time of a regular oven without any dangers associated with microwave methods.  

WATER: Clean safe water is of course absolutely necessary for good health. General use and well rated residential water filters would certainly include the Big Berkey “Water Filters You Can Trust” line as found at They are very affordable for home use and recommended by Chis Wark at The brand is  recommended by Mike Adams “The Health Ranger” and is also affordable. Plus, he likes the Big Berkey and Echo 2 Systems as well. Both Doug Kaufmann at and Ty and Charlene Bollinger at advocate the Echo 2 Structured (Molecular Hydrogen) Water.Structured water is said to store energy, much like a battery. It grows (charges) by absorbing radiant energy. Both light waves and infrared waves, for example, charge structured water with energy. When the body has sufficient energy, its aqueous interior is highly charged allowing for optimized cellular and metabolic function, in addition to greater hydration and detoxification. This means that the more structured a water becomes, the more potential it has for enhancing hydration as well as cell-to-cell communication See units with the health benefits described as found at

For economical filtered water pitchers and water bottles, we especially like the brand. They even offer filters that raise existing water pH levels or can filter radiation contamination. Do visit the sites mentioned and review the great water products offered. Also, and especially for cancer prevention or recovery, consider a water ionizer. In fact, Robert Wright, author of “Killing Cancer-Not People” at says an ionizer is his number one natural product recommendation for most cancer patients. He also advises that “alkaline water is not ionized water, but ionized water is alkaline water. The Ionized water is steeped in science with its high, low negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential), ultra high alkalinity, and hydrating micro-clustering.” Therefore, they produce more positive effects than just alkalizing the water, including water filtering chores with most models. Note: Mr. Wright personally recommends the brand of quality water ionizers, which are available from his authorized outlet. Another popular brand is Emco Tech at Their models are available from various health outlets. Articles at these locations describe many Ionizer common health benefits as does . Mr. Wright has also developed a cancer protocol utilizing alkaline water which may be found at: Also, as mentioned above look into the impressive health results being reported with the Echo line of structured water units at   So remember, “When the Fish are Sick-Change the Water!” This applies to us as well as the goldfish :-). Cancer does not thrive in alkaline (high pH) environments, as well established by Nobel prize winner, Dr. Otto Warburg, back in the 1930s. A pH of approx. 7.30 is generally recommended for optimal health (with 7.0 pH being the neutral level). Inexpensive saliva/urine test strips are readily available to easily monitor pH status.

VITAMINS & MINERALS: There are 90 Essential Nutrients, per Dr. Joel Wallach at /index.cfm/90-for-life/. This involves 60 Minerals, 2-3 Essential Fatty Acids, 16 Vitamins and 12 Amio Acids. With our modern diets often lacking in needed nutrition, we would certainly recommend the use of good vitamins and minerals for assistance in helping fill in the gaps. Per a 2013 Gallup Poll, one-third of Americans age 18-29 take multi-vitamins, as do 50% of those ages 50-64, and 68% of all seniors. Unfortunately, it appears up to 90% of the vitamins purchased are the all synthetic (laboratory made) less effective, less bioavailable and micronutrient incomplete versions. Plus, with much of our farm grounds now over used, and no longer mineral rich, we cannot be sure of purchased fruits and vegetables nutrient contents.

Therefore unless we raise our own organic gardens in mineral-rich soils, common sense supplementation would be wise in most cases, especially with all natural and bioavailable whole food type vitamins, along with plant derived minerals. Dr. Andrew Saul, “The Vitamin Man” at recommends at least one multi-vitamin be taken at every meal. Mike Adams, “The Health Ranger” feels (per article) that,, and, are 3 of the top natural brands. A recent addition would no doubt include as well. We also particulary like Multi Vita-Min from the, as well as their other Organic products. We also appreciate the brand, for a multi-product with a boat load of plant-based trace minerals, even though overall product contains some synthetics. They report an impressive list of happy camper users via their health store outlets and their direct sales. Whatever brand, we suggest to look for certified Organic and non-GMO as a good choice. Further check content amounts per ingredient (in hopes of sufficient C and D as example). Note that some health proponents even suggest brand rotations be utilized for healthful versatility. Be aware that it is FDA legal to advertise as "Natural" products that have as low as 10% actual natural content, so be sure and check the Supplement Facts label on the container itself. If some descriptions sound like they were made in a lab, they probably were. We suggest an internet search for further confirmation, especially if "Natural" not stated as 100% or All Natural.

Should a tight budget be demanded, consider the Multi360 Complete from It has a generous supply of nutrients for the price, many of which are natural. Should swallow difficulty be a problem with most brands encountered, look into the “Tiny Tabs” formulations at New Chapter. Note too, that Vitamin B-12 is said to be deficient in most seniors and diabetics, with lack of energy and even some brain fog being very common symptoms. We suggest finding an all-natural sublingual formula for this, such as the B-Complex Boost from with the Methylcobalamin natural form of B12. As for minerals we tend to favor the Immuo150 plant derived trace content. For mineral only supplementations we lean toward the economical Mineral Concentrate liquid drops at with over 70 all natural trace minerals. Also the ReMyte special 12 mineral formula from Dr. Carolyn Dean. It is estimated 67-82% of us are especially deficient in Magnesium (the "Master Mineral"). It is involved in over 300 metabolic processes, including the proper transport of calcium and is critical for cardiovascular health. Shortages can result in fatigue, cramps, anxiety, confusion, poor memory, type II diabetes, etc. Spinach, squash, almonds, cashews, etc., can all help supply the suggested RDA of 320mg female and 420 male for ages 31 and over. Best oral supplement types are nomally the chelated forms of glycerinate, turate, aspartate or threonate (and taken at same time as any Vitamin D3). Do divided the dose as once in morning and at bedtime and at least 2-4 hrs. apart from any antibiotics. Dose size cautions apply if any kidney disease, myasthenia gravis or artrial fibrilation present. Maximum dose should not normally exceed 900mg daily. The optimal magnesium red blood test level is 6.5 with 6.0 and below deemed deficient. See Dr. Carolyn Dean’s book, “The Magnesium Miracle" and her ReMag Pico-Ionic formula at She normally approves 1000-2000IU of Vitamin D3 for instance, but especially advises the needs for the RBC test and ReMag use for Magnesium when high dosing of Vitamin D3 involved. An ideal ratio between calcium and magnesium is thought to be 1:1, with the recommended daily adult dose of around 700 milligrams of each. However, anytime taking any of the following: magnesium, calcium, vitamin D3, or vitamin K2, take all the others into consideration as well. As per Dr. Dean, these nutrients work synergistically with one another. Note also, that many health professionals, such as Dr. Saul, Dr. Joseph Mercola ( and Dr. Thomas Levy ( all commonly recommend considerable additional Vitamin C and D3 usage for most adults, than provided in most multi-vitamins. These increases can be especially beneficial for anti-cancer and other health needs. Vitamin D3 as example, is known to help prevent at least 16 different types of prominent cancers, and cut risks as high as 60%. One recent study even reflects sufficient Vitamin D reduces breast cancer risks 80%. See this important article at:

And on a side note concerning female breast cancer, Charlene Bollinger at The Truth About Cancer warns women against the constant wearing of tight fitting bras. She advises they restrict proper lymph node toxic drainage which greatly increases cancer risks. Also, unless we are exposed to sufficient sunlight (such as 10 mins. minimum daily while in shorts and tank top and south of Atlanta) up to 5,000-10,000 IU of a daily D3 natural (not D2 synthetic) can be indeed helpful for many adults. The gel capsule type was always preferred by Bill Henderson. Dr. Mercola recommends a system D3 range of 50-70 ng/mL be maintained per the lab available 25(OHD) blood test. As for Vitamin C the DV (Daily Value) of 90mg for an adult male is barely sufficient to prevent scurvy, and many now say 1000-2000mg should be an adult minimum. One of Dr. Saul’s favorite sayings is,”Take enough C to be symptom free, whatever that amount might be." Both Doctors Saul and Levy advocate the Mega-Dosing of Vitamin C for many illnesses, especially when major, and certainly including most cancers. They suggest IV and/or oral Liposomal use (and using even both) all under professional medical guidance and monitoring. You’ll find considerable articles at their web sites. Plus, see the Liposomal encased information and quality product offered at Note: Home encased Liposomal methods could be a possible non-pharmacy approved option in some cases when economics demanded, and /or local IV-C services not available. However, we would assume the do-it-yourself Liposomal oral formulations could lack professional lab quality. See our pdf download article,"Make Your Own Lipo Vit C" should you have interest. Note: Vitamin C can also be employed with addition of niacin or niacinamide for natural help with depression, anixety or even alcoholic related issues. Do some research on this, such as at Dosage ranges of approx. 10,000 mg of Vitamin C and 3,000 mg of Niacin are suggested in some cases.

Do view Dr Victor Marcial-Vega (a Medical Oncologist) Interview by Dr. Saul on C mega-dosing as posted on You Tube at: Also, obtain the book, "I Have Cancer: What Should I Do?: Your Orthomolecular Guide for Cancer Management" by Michael J Gonzalex, Jorge R Miranda-Massari and Andrew W Saul. We also like the very informative book, "Curing The Incurable" by Dr. Thomas Levy. Vitamin C can indeed be a very helpful and inexpensive weapon on our side in the war against cancer and over 30 other known major diseases. It is thought to fight every virus known to mankind, including sepsis, zika, ebola, bird flu, etc., and even increases the effectiveness of any chemo and radiation. Plus, it reportedly can eliminate dangerous cancer "stem" cells, that are so responsible for growths, spreads and regeneratios. We find it kinda interesing too, health-wise, that the vast majority of animals generate their own Vitamin C, whereas we humans must obtain it via diet, with 250mg said to be the American daily average intake. So, supplementation of this vital nutrient is definiely needed in most cases (a medium size orange can provide us with up to about 70-80mg as example). See the Pure Radiance C supplement from avaiable in capsule or powder forms. Any high dose C cautions are applicable to only about 6% of the populaion, per Dr. Richard Becker ( and he suggests physician testing be employed if applicable.

SPECIAL SUPPLEMENTS: Although traditional chemo and radiation as mentioned can often help shrink cancer tumor cells, they do not normally destroy cancer “stem” cells, per Dr. Bradford S. Weeks and others. These are the mother cells that can generate new daughter cells for renewed cancer activity and aggressive reoccurring with metastasizing spreads, etc. Fortunately, various special supplements, such as Curcumin (a well researched major component of Turmeric) can help eliminate these dangerous cells. Note that they are often too small to be seen by devices such as Pet scans, until they have sufficiently formed cells into massed clusters. However, supplements and various foods (such as Beta-Carotene in carrots and greens) can help keep them in check. The 3 best formulations of Curcumin are said to be the C3 Complex, Longvida and BCM-95 for their superior bio-availability. Some also recommend it be in a softgel makeup, rather than dry powder or capsule or tablets, as Curcumin is fat soluble and softgels can deliver the ingredients suspended in oil. See the turmeric oil utilized by Life Extension in some of their curcumins as example. They also offer a convenient and economical formula combining black cumin seed oil capsules with their BCM-95 curcumin. Bio-piperine (black pepper) is also used in some supplier formulations to enhance absorption. Up to 1000-3000mg daily curcumin or above is an often recognized dosage. One UK lady reported resolving her cancer with 8 grams of the curry spice daily (which would be about 2 level teaspoons). See her remarkable story at web site: ing-woman- beat-cancer.html.

Consider at minimum utilizing supplement formulations such as Super Bio-Curcumin from Life Extension ( or their Advanced Bio-Curcumin with Ginger and Tumerones. Studies show that their one 400 mg capsule of Super Bio-Curcumin (with BCM-95) per day provides curcumin blood concentrations equivalent to 2,772 mg of typical 95% curcumin products. Note: Many of the Life Extension items may also be found at amazon and other suppliers. We also like their health supplement informative Life Extension Magazine. For Turmeric powders look into those such as offered at and the Superpure Tumeric Extract found at Note that gels, capsules or tablets are often easier to utilize as powders can present spill stains. Curcumin itself, is an overall highly beneficial multi-health supplement well worth our regular consumption for multi-reasons besides targeting cancer. It is well rated to deal with inflammation issues as example. An extremely informative video dvd of “Your Health” (TV program with Dr. Richard and Cindy Becker) specifically on “Curcumin- The Spice of Life” (show # 1580) is available whenever this segment aired within past 30 days from (888-442-2128). We highly recommend the daily intake of Curcumin, as does Doctor Becker. Note too that Curcumin also aids with general inflammations, etc., but unusually high doses could increase anticoagulant actions according to some. So normally do not take both at the same time if taking blood thinners, and monitor routine readings with any usual PT/INR tests. Also, some studies have indicated truly excessive doses of some anti-oxidants can advance rather than retard some cancers, so stay within producer dose guidelines as stated on labels.

Other substances affecting cancer stem cells include Black Cumin (Raw Nigella) Seeds and can be economically obtained in small packets from amazon or others (organic preferred, and simply sprinkled onto foods, soups and salads, or utilized as an herbal tea, etc.) They even have an ancient Middle East reputation for "curing everyting but death." From 1-2 tsp. seems to be a suggested minimum daily amount to consume, but some suggest working up to 2 tbsp. x 2 daily for therapy levels. The seeds are also available as a liquid oil or in capsule form (cold pressed preferred). See Black Cumin Seed capsules at as example. Dr. Becker has produced a "Black Seed Oil" TV segment on same as "Your Health" Program # YH1629, so inquire with them concenring obtaining a dvd video copy. Rain International offers their Soul proprietary liquid formula and Fused coffee blend featuring these seeds.

We would certainly encourage both Curcumin and Black Cumin Seeds and/or even other anti-cancerous supplements be taken (or alternated) in cancer preventive or recovery efforts, such as the Amla powder (under the Superfoods paragraph). If economics dictate we can just acquire the orrganic powder forms, and sprinkle unto foods, salads, soups, etc., or take with water or juice (with a pinch of baking soda if nreeded to lighten taste)  Also, see the current "Stem Cell Killer" pdf list we have posted under Downloads (in Health Tips folder) to better ascertain what effects what. Fish Oil such as the Life Extension Clearly EPA/DHA (and/or Krill Oil) and Green Tea (with the Matcha type said to be a potent and whole leaf form) are often popular anti-cancer suggestions too. Especially see the Organic Matcha Powder at the and Dr. Lee's ( high EGCG organic green tea. Also, Various foods can help as well, such as cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and brussel sprouts, califlower, cabbage, etc., so do some internet searching on this subject and/or contact a natural nutrition savvy person, like any of Hallelujah Diet’s Health Ministers. These include Hal and Barbara Reid at Should you currently have active cancer and/or seeking additional supplements for prevention, we suggest looking into the well researched Sanjevani Bosmeric SR-120 proprietary product as developed by New Mexico Physician, Dr. Sunnil Pai (author of "An Inflammation Nation” ). See his video post at, a supplier of this remarkable product.

Another unique formula is Tumeric3D from Organixx. It includes Vitamin D and involves fermentaion of mushrooms, and was developed with the capable help of Dr. Daniel Nuzum, NMD, a naturopathic physician. Another interesting (and very affordable) formulation is Cell Stop wih 17 plant compounds from John Boyce at Note: they also offer Cardio Forte, a unique and beneficial cardiovascular support product. We also especially like Heart Protector at Special Note: Hemp Oil is now advocated as a truly multi-beneficial health supplement, and is now fully legal in all 50 states. Learn more at, and consider their exceptional products. Another very special supplement wel worth mention is OxyActinfor for immune and cellular energy support via Elmer Heinrich (for information inquire via the web site).

IMMUNE SYSTEM: This is our first and very vital line of physical disease and illness defense. It is 70% intestine located, and if really healthy, reportedly operates at around 30% efficiency (which is normally sufficient at keeping bad things at bay). However, as earlier mentioned, if dampened, such as bought on by weak nutrition and/or under heavy toxic loads, stress, etc., unwanted footholds can and do occur. Fortunately, real help such as the Transfer Point Beta Glucan 1,3D formula is available to safely boost and enhance immune ability with up to 70% effectiveness with no over modulation concerns. This can be achieved with a truly therapy immune environment by consuming 1#500mg of this proven and highly pure 93% minimum capsule daily per 50 lbs. of body weight. In other words, we can basically fine-tune immune response with only 1 or 2 capsules utilized as example for a helpful 10 to 20% increased maintenance role. We even heard a medical doctor say on a TTAC interview with Ty Bollinger, “if taking only one supplement, this should be it.”

See the documentations on this beneficial substance (charted at up to 160 times stronger than many brands) as posted at (AJ Lanigan) and at our favorite health supplier, (Reggie Black). Evaluation Report: Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka, PhD, has 20+ years of research, over 200 peer-reviewed publications, 7 books, and 5 international patents. He is the world’s leading researcher on beta glucan and a member of the American Association of Immunologists. As the head of the pathology department at the University of Louisville and researcher at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center. his research and books are mainly focused on the immune system, cancer, and beta glucan. He states that “In an evaluation of the immunological activities of commercially available beta glucans. we found that Glucan #300 from Transfer Point in the USA was the most effective one against cancer.” (March 2017). And, from Bob Wright, founder American Anticancer institute ( and author, “Killing Cancer-Not People”), “No doctor has ever healed anyone of anything in the history of the world; the human immune system heals and that is the only thing that heals,”

Did we know that the processed sugar in 1 can of soda pop will suppress 50% of our immune system for 4 hours? Fortunately, various foods can also help boost our immune systems, such as garlic, local honey and Vitamin C. Of course, a decent diet and appropriate health practices will be needed for overall best results. Special Note from Factor Ready: Be aware too, that not all Beta Glucans are created equal. There are about 30+ brands on the market. The effectiveness of any particular product would largely depend upon several factors such as: 1.What is the amount (milligram size) of Beta Glucan in each capsule or tablet? 2. What is the purity of the Beta Glucan (30%-90%, etc.) involved. The higher the percentage the better the effectives. 3. What form of Beta Glucan is utilized (1.3 preferred) and what derived from? 4. Price and integrity of company would be valid consideraions as well.

Other specialty immune system brands and formulas worth mentioning we are aware of iwould include the Superpure Beta Glucan 1.3 Extract and the Immune Health product from, and Organixx with their mushroom based 7M+ product, and Pro Glucan Elite has their 1,3D fermented version available via amazon. Plus, see Cell Stop as mentioned above under Special Supplements, as it contains Beta Glucan, etc.  Also, there is a medical doctor developed special liquid immune system formulation offered at We would think the latter could well serve any seriously illness with loss of appetite in conjunction with the nutritional Super Meals that can be drank. Also see LiquidHope at From a lay person standpoint, we certainly suggest at minimum the Transfer Point be used to “Turn all the lights on in our Immune Systems!”

The late Bill Henderson of Beating Cancer Gently remarked that this product "could even back-door see cancer cells as fungus cells and eliminate them." Up to 400 mcg (micrograms) of L-selenomethionine (the natural form of Selenium) reportedly can be taken at same time if desired, which can play a roll in the fortification of the immune system and increases the concentration of blood selenium. 200mcg is suggested minimum, as only 60-100mcg is normally obtained from most diets. Our bodies are said to normally generate about 5000 cancer cells daily so we really should strive to keep our immune systems healthy. One study has indicated we can actually regenerate our immune system with a simple 3 day water fast. See article at:  Keep in mind too, the Bible says in Hosea 4:6, "My People Perish From Lack Of Knowledge." Most of us need to take better charge of our own health accordingly.

SUPERFOODS: Live Juicing-vs-Processed Powders. Both methods are beneficial, but juicing is usually touted as the recognized overall nutritional winner for various reasons such as: Not all juices and powders are created equal. If powder, choose one that’s at least 50 percen organic and was processed with protection from UV light, heat, and moisture (which ensures that the chlorophyll and nutrient content is maintained). You should also avoid brands that have a lot of ‘fillers” such as lecithin, fibers, whole grasses, pectin, rice bran or flax.Your body should also easily process fine powders, although studies have shown that they may not retain some of the important enzymes needed for absorption. Some brands say their process has effectively preserved them, but there’s really no way to confirm this claim.

The light drying process seems to be preferable to freeze-drying (if you have the choice), as the freezing process can diminish the content of vitamins like pantothenic acid and folic acid. Above mentioned comparison points are via The powders are of course, quick, easy and convenient to prepare (just add filtered water or juice of your choice in most cases) and great for travel ease. Garden of Life Organic Perfect Food Raw is a popular and top rated brand sited by both Mike Adams and Chris Wark (and is low heat processed). We also like the quality BarleyMax signature product from OrganiGreens is another, from Also see the extremely well rated superfood selections at, many of which can serve as complete meals, and excellent for blending into live juicing too. Plus, obtain "The Super Health Diet" (book) by KC Craichy. You can find a broad selection of various brands at amazon incuding the higher heated but affordable Organic Greens and Organic Protein from Of special cancer related interest is Amla Powder (also known as Amalaki and Indian Gooseberry) as described in Chris Wark's "Chris Beat Cancer" book. It is a powerful antioxidant and is strong in Vitamin C and actually stopped cancer expansion in 6 different human cancer cell lines in one 2010 study. This included lung, liver, cervical, breast, ovarian, and colon cancer. Amla not only stopped the cancer growth, but also killed the existing cancer cells, reducing their population by over 50 percent, and significantly blocked the cancers’ ability to spread. See organic brands such as Blue Lily, etc. at amazon. Although somewhat bitter in taste, 1/4 teaspoon has been proposed 3 times daily as a starter, to be mixed in water, juice or smoothes. Another site suggested 1/2 to 1 teaspoon after meals in warm water. Another suggested 2-3 teaspoons as a daily total.  Tip: A pinch of baking soda can help with any bitterness issues. Various recipes can also be found on the internet, one of which involved Amla with ginger powder, honey and lime juice. High dose Amla cautions do appear applicable if pregnant, diabetic or using blood thinners.

For sure, check out the various organic superfood selections at Especially see their Organic Carrot Juice Powder. as well as Barley, Kale and Wheat Grass offerings. Plus, see for a unique and healthy instant organic coffee containing wheatgrass. There is also Fused coffee from Rain International utilizing black cumin seeds. Chris Wark suggests rotation of whatever Superfoods brands utilized and he often adds same to his juicing or smoothies. We definitely advocate as much live juicing as you can make the time for (see juicing references in above Diet paragraph as well as some of the specific pdf articles under our Downloads section). From our perspectve, especially if combating active cancer, live juicing has the proven history of outstanding health results, fully verified by doctors, such as documented in some of the classic health books sited earlier. This assumes of course that the live fruits and veggies utilized are fresh, organic, and from mineral-rich soils. Bottom line, partake of both live juicing and the better powders and and we can't go wrong. The best time to consume juice is normally on an empty stomach...The body has to break down foods before the nutrients can be assimilated into your bloodstream. By drinking juice on an empty stomach, the body takes the juice and utilizes it literally immediately into the blood stream. Even then, just to be on the safe side, we would suggest the addition of a good multi vitamin/mineral such as the organic Multi Vita-Min from thesynergycompany. This assures that the many needed minerals and vitamins from trusted sources are present.

BUDWIG HEALTH MIX: We should literally all, and especially those confronted with cancer, consume this do-it- yourself health mix daily. It is mandated with various cancer protocols, such as Bill Henderson, Cellect-Budwig, etc. A normal serving consists of 3 tbsp. of organic cold processed flax seed oil throughly mixed with 6 tbsp. of low fat (preferably organic) cottage cheese, by utilizing a hand immersion electric blender. This 1-to-2 ratio was developed by Dr. Johanna Budwig (1908-2003) a German biochemist. The formula is synergistic and adds healthy anti-cancerous oxygen into our body cells. She reportedly had a very high (up to 90%) cancer cure rate utilizing this formula, along with her designed diet (visit Mix additions can include 2 tbsp. of freshly ground brown flax seeds, and/or fruits and nuts such as blueberries, walnuts, raw honey, etc. It can serve as a breakfast meal or nightly snack and Stevia or TheraSweet can be added if a sweeter taste desired. Or, Stevia liquid chocolate (10 drops) could be used for a pudding taste (see recipe variations at ). Mix should be consumed once daily or divide into two servings (Note: recommends 1 tbsp. of oil with 2 tbsp. cottage cheese per 100 lbs. of body weight).

RANDOM REMEDIES: Here are our TOP TEN optional Homespun Healthcares with any or all well worth adopting...

1. ACV Health Tonic: An all natural Apple Cider Vinegar cocktail, such as 1-2 tsp. of the Bragg organic brand in 8 oz. of filtered water up to 3 times daily has a host of benefits and can help raise body tissue pH, help eliminate candida, etc. Visit for versatile examples, such as add honey, maple syrp, stevia (or even ground cinnamon for an apple pie taste).  A pinch of baking soda can help eliminate any bitterness. And, according to Arm & Hammer, a manufacturer of baking soda, mixing 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda into 1/2 glass of water is a safe dose for the relief of heartburn. People between the ages of 5 and 60 can take up to 7 doses spaced at least 2 hours apart in a 24-hour period. If nothing else, just squeeze 1/2 organic lemon into 8 oz. filtered water for a refreshng and alkalizing drink. Even better, wash and freeze whole lemons in zip lock bag. Grate them after full freeze and sprinkle onto whatever dish, salad, smoothie, etc. Provides good anti-cancer effects.

2. Oil Pulling: 1 tbsp. of organic virgin coconut oil swished in mouth up to 15 mins. and expelled serves as a detox. Plus, consumption of 1-2 tbsp, 3-4 times daily of this healthy medium chain fat can cross brain blood barriers as a brain food. This reportedly benefits Dementia and Alzheimer's issues, and even helps reduce blood sugar in both I & II Diabetics, etc. Visit to explore uses.

3. Essential Oils (EO). Most are synthetic for aroma use, but some truly pure and therapeutic USDA Certified Organic grades (with supporting Supplement Facts labels) can have many health benefits. This can reportedly include some types, such as the Frankincense (Bosweilla Serrata Extract derived from Gum Resin) with various cancers, etc. Obtain book, “Essential Oils Ancient Medicine” by Dr. Josh Axe, Ty Bollinger and Jordan Rubin and visit web sites such as (especially see their Blog articles) and also the site.

4. Herbal Teas, like authentic Essiac Tea has an anti-cancer track record, such as the Rene Caisse original formula as found at (under the Angel Tea name and visit owner, web pages for good herbs-vs-cancer info). Tea capsules, extract and powder formulations are offered at Other teas include black cumin, dandelion roots, etc. See our pdf article, Herbal Teas-vs-Cancer (dandelion as example is said to benefit pancreas issues).

5. Vitamin B17. One nature-strong compound is Laetrile (Amygdalin or Vitamin B17 apricot), which may be obtained in raw seed or capsule or tablet form from Note: they do not recommend consumption of more than 3 of these bitter raw seed kernels per hour, and no more than 10 kernels in one day. Also see the organic seeds and information at and

6. Cannabis (the Hemp plant and chemical portion of marijuana) has reportedly considerable medical benefits. The 3 main species are Sativa, Indica and Rudaralis. The plant contains more than 100 main cannabinoids with primary interest being in the THC and CBD portions for medical use. Studies show extracts kill certain cancer cells and reduce sizes of others, etc. Medical uses of these substances is now permitted in various states. Contact web sites such as for more information should you have interest. Also see (Rick Simpson’s book site) and Hemp Health Revolution book by Dr. Sherrrill Sellman, N.D. at The CBD oil is fully legal in all states. Pure, beneficial forms we are aware of, are available from  (a Frank Davis company) and from the pharmacist owned, Natural Health Store in Sapulpa OK. You can e-mail the owner, Dr. Valecia Dirck, Pham.D., at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Her group (Cancer Sucks) may be found on facebook. Note: Chris Wark advises using cannabis oil orally, rectally, and topically is fine. But no anti-cancer benefits have been shown from smoking other than anti-anxiety and pain relief, both of which you can get from taking the oil orally.

7. Earthing/Grounding. Would you believe that walking barefoot on God's Green Earth is actually healthy for you? We're not kidding...See our "Earthing Health Factors" pdf article under Downloads tab in the Health Tips Folder (Who Knew)...And check into more "Earthing" input via the book and products at, as well as the extensive information posted at Plus, see the videos posted at We can apparently eliminate much if not literally all inflammation oriented aches and pains, feel more energized, obtain better sleep. and help prevent or even help eliminate various illnesses and diseases, etc. Just call it "Vitamin G" for Grounding as it can indeed normally have a positive and feel good impact on our overall general Health. Products are even available that allow grounding benefits while indoors, including foot mats, bed sheets, pain patches, etc., that all "Work Like Magic!" So check it out. Health Practioners have reported 80% of patients benefit from it.

8. Indoor Air Filters. Certainly it would benefit us to breath clean air. Look into the unique photocatalysis technology to oxidize organic odors, germa and fungi (including air borne mold spores) at They offer several models, depending on area of coverage desired.

9. Healing Music. Yet another unique health benefit with reports of various healing is Michael Tyrrell's inspiring His discovery of this special type of therapeutic music miraculously helped resolve his own mother's cancer. Microscopic images of water drops have amazingly formed into beautiful snowflake like crystal patterns when in presence of these type sounds. Listen to the samples of this ancient key music posted at his web site. His complete 7 CD instrumental song set can be ordered or downloaded in MP3 format. Optional chroma set for visual effects is also available. Many also find it relaxing and soothing to listen to Christmas music year round, including instrumentals. Listen free via computer with the internet streaming found at: We also feel Dr. Maxwell Maltz was correct that the subconscious mind can act as a goal seeking mechanism, per his classic book, "Psycho Cybernetics," and be most helpful toward positive health goals (see pdf book revew under Downloads).

10. And before we forget be sure and see our specific pdf articles on various topics such as "Breast Cancer Factors" and "Prostrate Health Factors" under the Downloads tab (in the Health Tips follder). If confronted with either of these male or female issues as example, nutritional aids are sited we all need to be aware of, so please share this helpful information with others. PS: Need better sleep and less stress? Then acquire a pet dog or cat and allow them access to your bedroom (see our pdf download article on this :-)...Special note: If faced with ostomy surgery with appliance (wafer and pouch) resulting needs, most megrs,, such as Hollister, Convatec, etc., offer free samples. Keep in mind tthough, should your stoma be semi-flush or recessed, a convex type wafer and skin barrier will probably be needed to avoid leak issues.

IMPORTANT NOTES: We are living in turmoil times (visit We would enourage all of us to have some degree of emergency supplies on hand, especially food and water. See our complete web site for health & emergency tips & resources and come back often for frequent additions and updates. Be sure and visit the Downloads section too, for specific pdf excerpt articles from knowledgeable folks on various subjects. For health matters, especially cancer related, be sure and visit web sites such as: (for recognized alternative protocols), Chris Wark’s informative (and his superb Book of same title and his SquareOne program). Also see Ty and Charlene Bollinger’s well established and outstanding book of same title, along with Terry Henderson's Beating- (web site and book by Bill Henderson). And for sure contact, obtain their material, and ascertain if there is an active chapter in your area. You'll find them to be very Christian oriented, as well the folks associated with most of the other sites we mention. We also like the protocol set out by Kim and Theo Hanson at Also see (Dr. Michael Greger) along with (Sayer Jl) and (James Schoellen). Other helpful resources certainly include; (Bob Wright, founder and author “Killing Cancer-Not People"), and we love (Cortney Worrell Campbell). Also visit (Michael Vrentas, cancer coach with pancreas experience) utilizing (a proprietary formula). There's also (Tara and Steve Mann). Cancer Coaching assistance is available from Paula Black ( A large and growing active support organization now in many locations and well worth contacting is the (founded by Suzie Griswold) as mentioned above. Their Mission is to connect, support and educate individuals facing cancer and other diseases with evidenced based non-toxic therapies. Also, should you or someone you know, lack medical insurance and/or be in need of cancer treatment funds see the Freely Funding program for a posible source. It is well reviewed at:

SPECIAL NOTE: If wondering about Divine Healng while still here on our planet, read the pdf "Christians Get Sick" article by Rev. George Malkmus we've posted in the Downloads section in Other Msgs. folder. We also have a long list of Healing Scriptures via Richard & Lindsay Roberts, you can download and print. Plus, offers a 24 hour toll free Prayer Line at 800-700-7000, and has some excellent healing related articles at their web site. Be sure and read our Factor Ready Home page article too, and we certainly encourage local Christian Clergy contact, with hands on Prayer from local Elders, and anoiting with Oil, all of which is Holy Bible endorsed. You'll find the Healing Strong organization mentioned above to be very Christian centered and Prayer oriented. Christian author Lee Strobel in his "The Case For Miracles" book, quoted a well known theologian as saying that "Usually God works through natural means. He expects us to make use of the gifts he has provided to us, such as medication and technology. Otherwise, it would be like expecting manna to fall from heaven when there’s a grocery store down the block.” He concluded “The best approach is to merge both prayer and medicine.” Keep in mind too, God sets out in the Bible what man should eat. How can God then heal us If we continue to eat otherwise? Would He not be violating His own precedents? Think about it. See the CCA article "Foods Of The Bible" pdf document posted under Downloads tab (in the Health Tips folder).

Take encouragement too, from the late and beloved Pastor Adrian Rogers comments that "Passing is just a Comma to a Christian, not a Period." Plus, we should all obtain and read the book, “Imagine Heaven” by Austin, Texas Pastor John Burke. We found it to be highly helpful to our Bible-based faith assurances (along with family and clergy support, per personal loss of a family member). This inspiring book can well assist in removing any Christian’s reservations about elderly age or severe injury or illness situations taking any toll on us. Visit the web site for comforting details. In fact, Ray Comfort at says "Passing for Christians is just the doormat we wipe our feet on before entering Heaven." For yet another Christian uplifting visit You Tube and watch and listen as Grace Larson Brumley sings "The Promise." This awesome song is posted in a 13 minute clip that has been viewed by over one million at So, don't forget to visit and share the site with others for a glorious glimpse of the Promises that await all Christians in the Heavenly Realm! There are over 600 Scriptures in our Bibles relating to this magnificent 1500 Miles long, high and wide marvelous golden gigantic facility. So, Stay Well ("My People Perish From Lack of Knowledge" God says in Hosea 4:6),...Stay Prepared ("The Sun Was Still Shining When Noah Built The Ark."),..and above all, we need to Stay Prayed Up with regular reading our B.I.B.L.E ("God's Basic Information Before Leaving Earth,"...see the NCV and MEV versions for good modern english translations).

IMPORTAN PS: Not a Christian? Read our "Christian Factors" messages from Billy Graham and Greg Laurie at under Downloads (in Other Messages folder). And, don't hesitate to request our “Why Christianity” booklet by Ray Comfort, free, with a tree replica Million Dollar bill too, which always creates a smile and has a good Gospel message imprinted on the back side! You can use the e-mail form on our web site contact page for your request. Life is not about where you start but where you finish. Furthermore, as a Christian by faith and Southern Baptist by choice, let us also invite you to visit our local Church web site at and freely listen 24/7 to the audio messages posted there from Pastor Randy Fults. Also do visit and for their Imagine Heaven NDE verifications and materials. May the Good Lord Bless and Heal us all.

DISCLAIMER: Remember-be careful in reading Health Books. You could become ill due to a misprint (Mark Twain :-)...Seriously, we trust our information presented will be of major health and survival assistance to all of us. However, you should aways seek the professional input and advice of your medical and/or other involved specialists accordingly. Some studies have indicated truly excessive anti-oxidants can result in advancing some cancers, rather than subduing. We would suggest dosages should not exceed producer recommendations or amounts reported as needed by other users. The question can come up. should you take or avoid various nutritional supplements while undergoing traditional chemo or radiation treatments as example. Some say to suspend and some say they can assist, which can leave us in the lay jury unsure on this topic. Consider this in light of all recommendations received, and seek the Lord's input (peace and comfort) via Prayer for your particular circumstance would be a suggestion to resolve it. From what we can ascertain, it would normally appear that most nutritional supplements actually assist most chemo and radiation procedures. It is highly unfortunate that most of the main stream medicine folks have had basically no nutritional training or education. When asked about alternative treatments or various supplements many will respond with a "no clinical proof it works" answer. However, this may not be the current case, and can normally be researched at PubMed ( Furthermore, many treatments and supplements have valid anecdotal (user) evidence of benefits that are simply not honored due to not falling under their "standard of care" practice. Certainly the vast majority of doctors believe in "do no harm" and applying what is best for the patient. Unfortunately, their training seemingly applies to primarily medically relieving symptoms in many cases, rather than curing the condition. As a result, according to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Conventional methods of treating cancer generated approximately $125 billion in medical cost dollars in 2014, and is projected to be $173 billion by 2020, and that’s just in the U.S.! Most of this money reportedly flows to Big Pharma and a large majority is generated through the sale and use of chemotherapy drugs. To ascertain if your Doctor accepts Rx drug commissions for their applicable prescriptions issued visit Doc Dollars for public reports on same at . Reportedly about 82% of doctors do participate with approx. $15,000 annual average received in extra income. Most Oncologist are said to receive about 6% of any chemotherapy drug charges to their patients. According to the Mayo Clinic, 70% of us are on at least 1 Prescription Drug, 50% on 2, and 25% on 5 or more, with costs said to be $310 billion annually. With these drugs mainly masking symptoms rather than creating cures, plus most supplying degrading side effects, we all need to take better charge of our own personal health in most cases. For U.S. men, the average life expectancy is 76, while it’s 81 for U.S. women. Appropriate nutrition can indeed resolve many medical issues, and modern medical practices have succeeded in many cases as well. Note: Our web site efforts are simply to pass on what we’ve personally had experience with or learned of that we wish we'd known about earlier, and felt was well share worthy. One of which is, remember to always protect yourself from "Snaccidents" (Noun)...Such As Eating An Entire Bag Of Potato Chips By Mistake...:-)...

Beta Glucan Immune Support

When all else fails, Ham Radio could well be your only emergency communications means. Look into this beneficial and rewarding hobby now! See our Ham Radio Notes under Downloads.