POWER: Factor Ready is not a Generator Dealer or Distriutorship and we do not stock, ship or sell power supplies. We can nevertheless supply you with beneficial "prepping" tips per this article, and direct you to some good supply sources we have discovered. We don't want you to be in dark on this important subject :-) ...

EMERGENCY POWER NEEDS: As we know, local elecrical power is subject to power outages due to bad weather, equipment failures, etc. Unfortunately, very long term or even semi-permanent outages could well occur in event of an EMP or Cyber attacks on our power grids. We are now livng in turmoil times (see TruNews.com) and certainly all wish to have some form of back up power readily available when needed to run various electrical equipment or appliances, lights, etc. Running your home refrigerator or freezer as little as 1 hour a day as example, could prevent spoilage of costly food. We suggest you acquire a fuel-less generator. Even if you currently have a gasoline operated unit, please remember the smaller and less costly versions of these usually are not built to withstand day in and day out usage. Furthermore, they are very costly to operate, especially with per gallon fuel prices we are now confronted with. Plus gasoline may not be locally available under emergency circumstances. Of course the larger permanent mount units (such as the Guardian brand) for home or business that operate on natural gas or propane would be an asset, although considerably higher in cost than most portable brands.

EMERGENCY OFF-GRID PORTABLE POWER: We invite your attention to the unique Crank-a-Watt™ generators from PrestoWind.com. These are compact emergency generators that can output 110 vac or 12 vdc. They can internally utilize virtually any 12 volt DC battery of your choice, such as wet cell or sealed lead acid (including deep discharge models in 30-50 amp hour capacity). You can normally acquire the battery you wish to use locally such as various brand Lawn & Tractor type batteries that will fit the 8” long x 5” wide x 6” tall battery space in the standard cabinet (the Walmart EverStart U1R-7 is a popular choice as example). You can also visit BatteryWholesale.com for an internet battery source. A hand turned wheel on the Crank-a-Watt cabinet allows manual recharge via a 400 watt lifetime alternator with 12 vdc rectifier to recharge whatever 12 volt auto, tractor or marine type battery you employ. In addition to the 12 vdc output, 200 to 400 watts or above in 120 volt AC power is available, depending on the supplied Inverter size used. Manual recharge is readily accomplished by rotating the supplied wheel (or use of an extrernal optional solar panel). When AC local power is restored the internal battery can of course be easily recharged with almost any automotive style battery charger (with low amp setting) rather than manually rotating the wheel. It can also be recharged by utilizing a narrow wheel bicycle back wheel and pedaling it after attachment as a stationary bicycle. A higher 750 watt Gridless 6-in-1 model with back up solar charging panel is also available, along with the Liberty 1600 watt unit. Inquire with Tim Moeller (Moeller Engineering) at Presto Wind in Ohio at 513-232-1457 to place an order, obtain any current model and option details or visit their web site 24/7 at PrestoWind.com.

IMPORTANT POINTS: Important points.to keep in mind too, is that these Crank-a-Watt brand battery operated generators may be manually hand recharged allowing continued usage when needed, without any other external power recharge provisions. Also, even though slightly more in initial cost in some cases than some of the small imported gasoline models, these units have literally unlimited life spans (just replace whatever internal battery you are using if and when needed). Plus extremely low operational (run time) costs, compared to gasoline consumption. Furthermore, they make little if any noise, emit no running fumes, and may be even used indoors (with minor venting recommended if wet cell type battery utilized)  This greatly reduces theft potential compared to outside units. These generators are also compact and portable enough to be taken with you should evacuation be necessary. We might mention too, that 12 vdc operation is generally considered more efficient than 120 vac when it comes to generators. Visit 12volt-Travel.com site to view their many 12 vdc accessories such as cooking pots, blankets, etc. We do of course highly recommend any generator, regardless of type, be protected from EMP attacks or solar surges. Therefore, serious consider Faraday type protection storage when they are not in use. You can purchase such Faraday Cages, or build your own. One simple solution is to line the inside of a metal garbage can with cardboard for insulation, and large enough can that the generator can be placed in. If lid is not a tight fit, you can utilize some aluminum duct tape to outside seal around same. So, Stay Well, Stay Prepared and Stay Prayed Up ! We urge you to have at least some degree of emergency food and water on hand, and hopefully an emergency generator as well. Remember, the Sun was still Shining when Noah built the Ark!...Joe Lanier, KE5NYS, PhD (Past Havig Doubts :-)

IMPORTANT PS: "In the aftermath of a disaster, there are two types of survivors
—the have watts, and the have not's"™...Tim Moeller, MSME 1989, PrestoWind.com

When all else fails, Ham Radio could well be your only emergency communications means. Look into this beneficial and rewarding hobby now! See our Ham Radio Notes under Downloads.