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1. HOME SECURITY…Factor Ready is not a Secuity Dealer or Distriutorship and we do not stock, ship or sell alarm supplies. We can nevertheless supply you with beneficial tips per this article. Remember, “fI It Is Worth Having-It Is Worth Protecting” …

Residential burglaries are commonplace with 2 out of every 10 U.S. homes suffering a break in. Most of them (65%) take place during the day. contrary to popular belief, and 50% are more are likely to be suburban dwellings. 1/3 can be classified as “unlawful entry” rather than “forced entries.” indicating entry was gained through unlocked doors or windows. The majority of these break-ins are committed by burglars who live nearby, and most of them can burglarize a home in less than ten minutes. The good news is Burglars tend to avoid homes with security systems, and they are 3 times less likely to be hit. Today’s home security systems can do more than decrease the chances of your home getting burglarized: they can be part of a comprehensive, home setup. In addition to monitoring the doors and windows for break-ins, today’s systems can give the consumer the ability to remotely monitor live video, switch lights on or off, control thermostats, see who’s at the front door, and even control door locks -- all from a remote mobile device. Panic or emergency health notification and fire sensors can also be employed with control panels offering these features.

If under tight budget restrictions, you should at minimum consider a basic system that protects all entry doors with magnetic switches, as 85% of burglaries involve door entries. Plus, employ a infrared motion detector placed in a high traffic area or where valuables kept as a system back up device. A local alarm (sounder) can usually serve to run off any intruders, especially if it can be heard by neighbors, plus burglar not knowing if system is remote monitored with Police dispatch. As for Do-it-yourself -vs- Local alarm company professional installation we would recommend the latter, with system on a leased basis with 24 hour repair service provided. As for category, a hard wired type system would be our personal preference, over the wireless type, simply from a possibly better reliability and longevity standpoint. 24 hour Remote monitoring by a professional security monitoring company (or local law enforcement agencies if offered) would be an absolute asset with either system type. Most alarm companies offer hardwire and/or wireless systems and farm out the monitoring duties to full time regional or national monitoring firms. Outright sales or leases is often available on the primary system utilized at the protected premises. A number of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) type systems are available from various internet mail order companies, and are generally the wireless variety for installation ease. Local alarm installing companies can be found that service your area via yellow pages or an internet search for security systems or burglar alarms. Bonus: Most insurance companies allow a policy discount where burglar and/or fire systems are on the insured premises.

  1. J. Edgar Hoover (1895 – 1972) was an American law enforcement administrator and the first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He served for over 37 years and always said the main deterrent to crime was fear of punishment. Unfortunately, that no longer seems to fully apply, with liberal justice systems issuing liberal sentences, etc. Law enforcement is now an even more dangerous occupation than ever, with recent killed in line of duty statistics exceeding 150 in America annually. Visit sites such as the Officer Down Memorial page at and help with (C.O.P.S.) and your State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies. Please also Pray daily for the safety of all our First Responders; Police, Fire, Medical and Military and support them accordingly. It helps them prevent crimes too, when their area residents have quality security, panic and fire alarm systems in place. In 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation which designated May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week in which that date falls as Police Week.


FireExtingusher2. HOME FIRE SAFETY…  Factor Ready is not a Fire Equipment Dealer or Distriutorship and we do not stock, ship or sell fire supplies. We can nevertheless supply you with beneficial tips per this article...

There are over 352,000 home fires annually in the USA. Are you prepared to quickly resolve any home fire issue before it gets out of hand and threatens lives and heavily damages or destroys your property? There are 5 primary Classes of Fires we could possibly be confronted with as follows…Class A; involves ordinary materials like cloth, wood and paper. Class B: Involves combustible and flammable liquids like grease, gasoline, oil and oil-based paints. Class C; Involves electrical equipment like appliances, tools, or other equipment that is plugged in. Class D; Involves flammable metals. Class K; Involves vegetable oils, animal oils and fats in cooking appliances.Extinguishing agents needed can involve water, carbon dioxide, dry chemicals. etc. Water of course would be limited to use on Class A type fires and CO2 for flammable liquid and electrical flare ups. Therefore as a general rule a multi-purpose dry chemical extinguisher such as an the ABC type would be a more versatile choice, especially if only a single extinguisher on hand.

Portable fire extinguishers are also rated for the size of fire they can put out. For Class A fire extinguishers, this number ranges from 1 to 40, and for Class B, the rating is from 1 to 640. You can find this rating on the label. 2A:10B:C as example, is the label you’ll find on a standard 5-lb ABC fire extinguisher. This is a popular size dry chemical unit considered as all-purpose and often recommended for average size home use to have on hand. It should be kept where easily accessible and in an exit area is normally recommended. OSHA standards normally call for one class 2-A extingisher per 3000 sq.ft., not to exceed 75 ft. to access the unit. Most extingihsers can be visually checked for readiness via their gauge with arrow remaining in the green (safe pressure) range. Units should be recharged immediately after any use, and once every 6 years from mgr. date stamped on unit if unused. This is to be on the safe side, as powders can form lumps and harden over a period of time. When needed to extinguish a fire the discharge cloud should be aimed at the base of the fire itself with back and forth sweeping motions. Note: CO2 units must be weighed to check for appropriate content. For area of coverage ratings on the various extinguisher label numbers visit:

Home Fires: The 5 most common cases of U.S. Residential Home Fires are: Cooking: The majority of house fires are caused by cooking-related incidents. Heating: Heating equipment was involved in an estimated 57,100 U.S. home fires. Electrical systems: Lighting sources are responsible for most electrical fires. Fires: Careless smoking: Smoking is the No. 1 cause of home fire deaths in the U.S..

HomeFireSafetyImageSmoke Detectors: All homes should have at minimum one or more self-contained with built-in sounder (battery operated) smoke and/or ionization detectors within the home. Recommended placement include at least one smoke alarm on every level of the home (including basements) and in every bedroom, and outside each sleeping area. When a very large residence contains floor areas greater than 1,000 square feet (excluding garage areas), the fire codes would normally require smoke alarms installed on the ceiling, and all points on the ceiling must have a smoke alarm within 30 feet or have an equivalent of one smoke alarm per 500 square feet of floor area. Chapter 5 of NFPA (National Fire Protection Assn.) 72 standards as example, calls for spacing based on manufacturer’s recommendations. Chapter 5 also recommends an installed spacing of 30 ft (9 m) between detectors. This recommendation applies to smooth, flat ceilings, and is also in agreement with the recommendation of most manufacturers. Ionization detectors are more sensitive to the flaming stage of fires than optical smoke detectors, while optical smoke detectors are more sensitive to fires in the early smouldering stage.

As for homes, most experts recommend photoelectric smoke alarms in bedrooms and hallways, and leave the ionization alarms in the kitchen, if at all. You can confirm all this with you local fire department. Bonus: Many insurance companies will allow a home owner insurance discount when UL approved fire detectors and extinguishers are located in the premises. Same usually applies if a burglar alarm is installed as well. System type fire detectors can be utilized with many security systems too, that also have fire and panic circuits, rather than needing the single stand alone type sensors mentioned above. Heat sensors can also be employed. Or, even a totally separate fire alarm system if wanted. Note: Carbon Dioxide detectors are also available to detect dangerous carbon monoxide gas levels. The stand alone, self-contained (battery operated with built-in sounder) ) type smoke detecors are relatively inexpensive and can be life saving devices. Kidde and other name brands may be acquired over the internet via Mail order or at local mass market and hardware stores, etc. Kidde recommends any units be replaced after 10 years of usage. Stay Safe, Stay Prepared and Stay Prayed Up ! ... Joe Lanier, kE5NYS, PhD (Past Having Doubts :-).



3. ELECTRO MAGNETIC FIELDS: EMF HEALTH CONCERNS...Factor Ready is not a vendor. nor do we stock or sell EMF related devices or supplies. Nevertheless, we can provide you with some good information and point you to some reliable suppliers of EMF detectors and healthful EMF protection equipment we are aware of, per below articles...

What are Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) ?
We live in an invisible sea of electromagnetic field radiation. Subtle energies constantly swirl in and around our bodies, whether or not we are aware of them. Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are energy waves with frequencies below 300 hertz or cycles per second. The electromagnetic fields we encounter daily come from every day things such as power lines, radar and microwave towers, television and computer screens, motors, fluorescent lights, microwave ovens, cell phones, electric blankets, house wiring and hundreds of other common electrical devices.

EMF Health Effects...

How Does EMF Pollution Affect You?
Talking about the health effects of EMF pollution is currently a social taboo our culture. This is because there are huge political and economic stakes at risk. It is imperative for some that people do not know the truth. However, many people are being affected and they want to know why. Research literature going back to the 1950’s shows that EMF from magnetic fields, electric fields and microwave radiation (used in common wireless products) can cause significant health effects at levels far below what the government officially states to be safe.

Here are the most common symptoms that are linked to EMF exposure...
Difficulty Sleeping
Heart Arrhythmia/Palpitations
Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
Difficulty Concentrating/Forgetfulness
Skin Rashes (facial redness)
Reduced Immune System Function
Cardiac, Nervous and Endocrine System Dysregulation

These symptoms are a sign that something is wrong in one’s environment and actually help to wake-up individuals. It is a good sign when someone reacts naturally to a toxic substance. Unfortunately, most people do not feel EMF pollution so they do not take the simple steps to reduce their exposure. If these people are unlucky, in 10-30 years time, they could experience the long-term effects. These include cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other illness’s related to immune, cardiac, nervous and endocrine system dysfunction. EMF affects all of these critical systems. For a small percentage of individuals, the reaction to EMF pollution can become disabling. This condition is called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity or EHS. This is a condition that has been know about since 1932 and is officially recognized in some European countries (Sweden, for instance, recognizes nearly 300,000 citizens with this condition).

The Little-Known Dangers of EMFs and How To Protect You and Your Family…

You may have heard that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are the cause of symptoms like cancer, insomnia and fatigue, but what can you do to protect yourself? Geobiologist and EMF expert, Roy Riggs shares the dangers of electromagnetic fields and the key steps you can take to reduce your exposure and improve your health. Electromagnetic may sound like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, but they are VERY real. In fact, Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can cause symptoms of illness in infants, children and adults, particularly those who already experience low immunity.

If you are sensitive to EMFs, you may experience symptoms like…
Nervous system symptoms, like fatigue, stress and sleep disturbances
Skin symptoms, like facial prickling, burning sensations and rashes
Body symptoms, like pains and aches in your muscles
Eye symptoms, such as burning sensations
Foggy thinking and depression
A variety of less common symptoms, like ear, nose, and throat symptoms and digestive disorders
Leukemia in children, breast cancer or cancer clusters have been linked to high exposure to EMFs2

What Are Electromagnetic Fields?
Electromagnetic fields are areas of energy that surround electronic devices. The World Health Organization (WHO) explains that the electric fields are created by differences in voltage and magnetic fields are created when the electric current flows. According to WHO, electromagnetic fields affect us because our human bodies have their own electric and biochemical responses (e.g., nervous system, digestion, brain function, heart function). So exposure to EMFs can interact with your body in adverse ways.

Where Do Electromagnetic Fields Come From?
Simply put, EMFs come from electricity:
In your home – DECT cordless phones, hairdryers, vacuums, refrigerators, microwave ovens, irons, televisions (the flat panel TVs are much better than the old box-style TVs), main ring and lighting circuits, dimmer switches, electric blankets, electric razors, electric toothbrushes, WiFi, etc.
In your office – computers, fluorescent or halogen lighting, fax machines, photocopiers, scanners, cell phones and WiFi.
Outside – power lines (high voltage cables either overhead or buried in the ground), transformers (the gray cylinders raised up on poles that look like trash cans), electrical substations, cell phone towers, cities that provide citywide wireless Internet (WiFi) and electromagnetic radiation from near neighbors’ electronic equipment.
Airplanes – to learn more, read: The Health Risks of Airplanes Going Wireless and How to Protect Yourself

Most of our modern-day conveniences emit EMFs, some stronger than others. So does this mean you have to go off the grid? Not at all! But if you are serious about achieving and maintaining your best health, there are several steps you can take to minimize the effect EMFs have on you and your family.

Testing for Electromagnetic Fields in Your Home
If you or someone in your family is on a healing journey, chances are you want to give them the best foot forward to recover. Minimizing or eliminating EMFs is even more important in these situations because if immunity is already low, EMFs can make it harder to recover. If you are feeling well already, EMFs may cause annoying symptoms, like insomnia or headaches, which get in the way of good health.

To find out what you can do to reduce or eliminate EMFs, we went straight to expert, Roy Riggs ( . We first learned about Roy Riggs from a member of the Body Ecology team, who had Roy do an assessment on her home so that her family could reduce their exposure to EMFs. According to Roy, the biggest offenders in most homes are typically wireless Internet (WiFi) and cordless phones. Baby monitors, often in homes with newborns, also give off high EMFs. Key to Roy’s work is scientific testing of the electromagnetic fields. When he does a home assessment, he shows his clients the difference between the earth’s healing electromagnetic fields and the EMFs that produce negative health results. He also tests each family member’s physical exposure to the EMFs in their home. From there, he works with them to create a plan to reduce EMFs. Roy says, “I show my clients what happens by measuring their body voltage with the earth’s natural voltage. When you are outside, your body comes into resonance with the earth’s natural voltage. When you walk into your house, your body is actually the most conductive thing in your house, which means the EMFs are attracted right to you...and your voltage shoots up. My equipment shows that change.”

Expert Tips from Roy Riggs: How to Reduce EMFs in Your Home…
Cell phone towers (mobile phone masts) – Guideline: Look out your bedroom window. If there is a clear and unobstructed view of a cell phone tower facing your way within a distance of about 300 meters, you are advised to look into shielding solutions. If you live in the UK, Roy recommends If you look out your window but can’t see the masts because they are obstructed by other buildings then the power density will be mainly absorbed by those buildings and too low to worry about. Electrosmog from your neighbors – Use shielding paint on your shared walls or the walls nearest your neighbors. Substations – substations are where electricity is generated, distributed and transformed form high to low or low to high voltage. They may be found outside enclosed in a cabinet, surrounded by a fence or up high on poles.
If the substation is immediately next to your home there is little in a practical sense you can do to reduce the magnetic fields. You could purchase or rent a meter in the UK or purchase an affordable TriField EX100 Meter in the US to check out the field levels.

Unless the substation is immediately adjacent to your house the EMFs from these small street substations fall to background levels within 5-6 meters. Overhead electricity pylons (power lines) – As a very approximate guideline, EMF’s from power lines are likely to drop below 0.2 microtesla [200 nanotesla] level at about:
492 feet from 400 kv lines
394 feet from 275 kv lines
328 feet from 132 kv lines
164 feet from 66 kv lines
98 feet from 33 kv lines
49 feet from 11 kv lines
There are several meters you can purchase to measure the fields from power lines near your home. DECT cordless phones – Emit radiation 24 hours a day even when you are not using them. Instead, use ordinary landline phones. Or if you are addicted to cordless phones, you have a couple options. If you live in Europe, you may want to use the Orchid low radiation cordless phones or the Siemens Gigaset S675, which only emit a signal when you are using If you live in the US or Canada, you may want to look into shielding devices to reduce EMFs from your cell phones, cordless phones and landline speaker phones. WiFi – Along with DECT phones, WiFi is overwhelmingly the main contributor to household electro pollution with power densities far above any nearby mobile phone mast.

You don’t need WiFi in the home, school or office. A far more efficient and environmentally friendly set-up would be to buy a hard wired router such as a Linksys Cable/DSL Router or Netgear ADLS2 Modem Router with 4 port 10/100 Mbps Switch (DG834) together with a dLan High speed Ethernet Installation starter kit from . This will enable you to route the internet signal through your house ring circuit enabling you to use as many computers a you want from any room with full internet connection without the WI-FI. Sounds complicated but is surprisingly inexpensive simple to set up and use. Digital Baby Alarms - Nearly all baby monitors are now digital. These alarms use the same technology as DECT cordless phones and will continuously pulsate microwave energy throughout the baby’s room and beyond. If you go to my website: and click on Baby Monitors on my home page you will find a couple of recommendations where you can still get non digital baby alarms, which do the same thing without the microwaves. Transformers - The job of a transformer is to convert high voltage to low voltage. An example of this is a digital bedside alarm clock that only need 6 volts to operate, but is plugged into your 120 volt ring circuit (240 volts in the UK). The volts that it doesn’t need are radiated out as energy and heat. Bedside clocks usually have the transformers inside the clock housing.Most others are usually black and look like big 3 point plugs and are hot to touch.

Make sure all transformers are at least two feet away from you body/ TV and computer screens - Best to change your old cathode-ray monitors (the ones with the deep backs) to any type of flat screen monitor as these give of far less electromagnetic fields than the old type, which thankfully you can’t buy any more. Main ring & Lighting Circuits - Your body voltage is highest where you sleep. Naturally your body voltage should be in harmony and in equilibrium with the earth’s natural Schumann based electrical field, which is under 350 mV and normally stable at about 2 mV. Average person sleeps with a body voltage of about 2,500 mV or more. Following all the above advice will make an immense difference to you and your families health. In addition to these great tips from Roy Riggs, you can also look into personal and home shielding solutions to protect you from EMFs in your home or outdoors.

PS From : Special EMF meters are available from suppliers such as . These can identify and measure your EMF environments. Various EMF protection equipment which supply various degrees of protection, is also available from various suppliers. We especially like the ultra-unique EMF patented protection products from the German Qi line (pronounced: key-tek-nologies). They can truly protecct us and are available from (home of Echo H2 hydrogen water systems). Qi models include the cmpact Qi-Me, providing up to 5 ft. area for personal and mobile protection, and the Qi-Shield offering up to 8 ft. stationary radius or approx. 5 ft. when in mobile use. The Qi-Home Cell is ideal for up to 3,000 sq.ft. usage. The Qi-Max can cover considerably more area if needed, at up to 15,000 sq.ft. There is also a Qi-Area unit for outdoor applications. Note: The Qi units are attractive and self-contained and require no external power. The larger units can even be water restructed (recharged) by Synergy Science after many years of usage (inquire).

These device use Exclusion Zone Water in a positioned specifically to form a vortex or field of electrons that are in the air and resting upon our skin, clothes, plants, our water, vegetables, food etc. This creates a blanket of negatively charged particles that react to neutralize the harmful EMFs in your home or car. This creates an antioxidant role in the body and in the home all around us. Qi Technology is designed and engineered as mentioned with patented technology from Germany to provide you and your family a true and reliable safe sanctuary against EMFs and radiation frequency. Enjoy the relief of being truly protected from harmful and damaging EMFs while home, at work or on the go! Enjoy the feeling and health benefits of living safe and free from cell phone radiation, WiFi, electrical frequencies, electro-magnetic frequencies, etc –

Qi-Home models for private use also have positive effect in 5 different fields including...
1. Energizing water
2. Generation of vital energy
3. Less influence from radiation on our body
4. Air improvement
5. Healthy groceries

All these remarkable Qi devices are available from Don’t hesitate to further explore these Qi healthful options to allow us to safely acquire, retain and use the many modern electric and electronic marvels and conveniences, yet stay safe from resulting EMF emissions. See the Health Hazard 5G pdf article under the Downloads tab, in the Other Msg. folder. An organization striving to keep the 5G progress at bay should you wiish to receive their news, etc., is at  On a side note, we’d suggest looking into Faraday cages including do-it-yoursef options for protection of various electronic devices in event of an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) attack or CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) solar surge (see our EMP/CME Factors pdf article under Downloads tab in Emergency Tips folder). Stay Safe, Stay Well and Stay Prayed Up !





When all else fails, Ham Radio could well be your only emergency communications means. Look into this beneficial and rewarding hobby now! See our Ham Radio Notes under Downloads.