WaterIWATER: Factor Ready is not a Water Dealer or Distributorship and we do not stock, ship or sell water supplies. We can nevertheless supply you with beneficial "prepping" tips per this article, and direct you to some good supply sources we have discovered..

WATER FILTRATION: Needless to say, good clean pure water is absolutely vital for our ongoing good health, and is second only to oxygen on the list of human necessities. In regard to survival times, we can reportedly go up to 3 minutes without air, live 3 hours in a truly harsh enviroment, go 3 days without water (although dehydration can occur within 1 hour in hot areas), and survive up to 3 weeks without food. Where water is concerned, weʼd certainly recommend at minimum we all standby store (in a cool and dark dry place preferably) some emergency water. For safest water filtration results with the best taste too, use a high quality filter and/or treatment purification drops. AquaTruWater.com has an affordable and compact countertop reverse osmosis purifier, that is highly recommended by Mike Adams, "The Health Ranger." The BigBerkeyWaterFilters.com line of filters is consistently well rated too, such as the testing results by Mr. Adams, at NaturalNews.com. The Seychelle.com company is also well rated and offers an exceptional line of water filters that even includes an Extreme filter that eliminates radiation contamination. Their filters also raise the water pH which is a healthy bonus, especially their pH2O line, which is specifically designed for increased boosts. Their line includes water pitchers, bottles, straws, etc. Aquamira.com also has a good reputation and offers water bottles, purification drops, etc. We all definitely need to have some portable water bottles on hand (at least one for each person) with spare filters for emergency and/or bug out use. You can even use these now for everyday replacement of costly bottled water. Seychelle bottles as example, provide up to 100 gallons of filtered water before a fresh filter is needed. This would equal 757 half liters of bottled water, for just pennies per gallon. The bottles may be used over and over, are recycle friendly, with no leach and BPA free. Be aware too, that AugasonFarms.com offers Water Drink Pouches, 5 gallon storage boxes with liners and a 55 gallon storage kit. We might well need the ability to catch rain water if under all out extended disaster conditions. For further precautions we also suggest you download our First Aid Tips pdf article under Downloads in the Health Tips folder and acquire the books: "Where There Is No Doctor" by David Werner and "When All Plans Fail" by Paul R. Williams, M.D. And of course, store some emergency long life food along with your water plus obtain a good First Aid Kit. On a healthy side note, the Omega-3s found in good Krill Oil supplements can definitely help avoid cellular dehydration issues.

When all else fails, Ham Radio could well be your only emergency communications means. Look into this beneficial and rewarding hobby now! See our Ham Radio Notes under Downloads.